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Hi On my asparagus I have asparagus beetle larvae (I missed picking off some of the eggs). I also have blackfly and another beetle which I first thought was a ladybird larvae but now realise it isn't. It's about the same size and shape as the asparagus beetle but not shiny. It has a black head and tail and a black stripe down the back but each side is orange. I thought it was eating the beetle larvae or blackfly so have left it. Was I right?
Reply to Bunnsgarden You probably have leaf beetles. Chrysolina species. There is a lovely one on garden and water mint, Chrysolina herbacea (formerly called C. menthastri) but if it is on rosemary, sage or lavender it is C. americana, the rosemary leaf beetle. See this link:
Reply to Tangy I think you were right to start. They are probably the larvae of the harlequin ladybird, Harmonia axyridis. As well as eating aphids, they will eat other soft-bodied invertebrates like asparagus beetle larvae. See the pictures here
Reply to Richard Jones Many thanks. They are exactly what I have, so I hope they will feast on the remaining beetle larvae!
Update I took a small tool kit out from the cupboard under the sink today and a live asparagus beetle dropped off the lid. It must have come indoors to find somewhere to hibernate. Strange, because neither we nor any of our neigbours grow the host plant in any of our gardens as far as I know.


I have five to six year old aparagus plants which are sending up spagetti thin fronds of new growth all over the bed. Yesterday I picked off about 100 apsparagus beetles. Today there are just as many new beetles. Should I cut these thin new fronds?
Hi I dont have asparagus beetle but have alot of a shiny green ladybird type this year...any idea what it is?

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