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Looks a funny autumn crocus to me. More like Pickwick.

Certainly looks nothing like my C.speciosa buds.


If not Pickwick then a similar spring flowering crocus, complete with spring crocus leaves


Oh dear - picture researcher chappess obviously not a gardener then?  

And yet in this month's GW there she is waxing lyrical about Iris reticulata - or perhaps it's a different person does the job on the website?


There was a talk on bees advertised locally, illustrated with a picture of a wasp on wasp nest. 

I think it's a different person, a designer maybe? that chooses pictures




Article in paper yesterday answering question about wasp stings and the author only went on about bee stings.

Also letter in paper advocating 'Blue bag' (ancient remedy, probably unknown to youngsters) for wasps; surely it was vinegar for wasps and blue bag for bee stings?


It was and for the younger element, a blue bag was mostly bircarbonate of soda.

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