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I too have had a great year for raspberries. I cut out the old canes on my early crop but canes supposedly for next year have cropped again, not that I'm complaining. Does this mean I will not have an early crop next year?
I Have a lot of tomatoes but they are still green should I pick them and put them in a bowl with a banana to see if they will ripen?
I too am relatively new to raspberry growing having moved to a house which has them in the garden. I have some very large rasps with thorny stems. Are these Loganberries and are they pruned as rasps?
Hi Pippa Can you remind me - in one of your garden shows. You stated that bi-cab was good for (and I can not remember) but did say to myself - great I could do that. Also what would the mix be. Sorry to be a pain but I do know the mix would treat my .... Thanks in advance.


I have 3 early rhubarb corms which are still giving sticks of fruit, should I pull it all to ground level, as its now October or leave well alone...Thank you for your help.... David
Why in the greenhouse, Elizabeth? Overwintering onions will grow perfectly well outside in a normal UK winter. Buy some sets now ('Radar' is a good variety) and plant them just like summer onions, and by next May, you will have very usable onions. Leave them longer and they'll be bigger. They certainly fill the gap before the summer onions are ready. Watch out for bird damage over sinter, though, cover them with wire netting!
I have grown Autumn Bliss raspberries for several years and the crops have never disappointed me. The summer temperatures can be cooler than we would like up here in Scotland but with all our rain the fruit has great flavour
Tomatoes need heat to ripen. Typically at the end of the season all that is needed is to bring in the green tomatoes (of ripening size, not tiny ones of unmature size) into a warm room to ripen. Some people will put 1-2 dozen or so into a papersack to ripen one by one. I've never heard of bananas or any other thing but heat needed to ripen them. I currently have one from my plant, picked green, and now turning a nice red after 2 weeks or so in my kitchen on the counter.
Good to hear there are so many other fans of autumn rspberries, for me and mine they are THE best! Certainly a lot of peculiar fruiting and flowering has gone on everywhere this year, and some of my few remaining summer raspberries started unusually early....and yes, with new canes of autumn varieties it is quite usual for them to give a bit of a crop in their first year, an added bonus to keep you waiting in anticipation!!
Hello from Brittany!

I grew my first veg last year & was so inspired by the results & encouraging comments from my elderly French neighbours (who garden from birth to death), that I tripled the size of my veg patch for this year. I lost most of my lovely pink fir apple crop & all my tomatoes to blight, & the courgettes have been poor. I understand that the unusual weather has been to blame for these occurances, but can anyone please help with another problem I have? .

I was given a raspberry cane & a blackcurrant bush last year & planted them next to each other against a corrugated iron shed where they've grown big & bushy, but produced no fruit whatsoever. They receive full sun for the first half of the day and shade the second half. What should I do? Thanking you in anticipation.

I am a new gardener with an allotment.I would like to know how to store my potatoes,beens,carrots and onions red/white over the winter do I use sacks made of paper or sacking.I also moved a gooseberry bush in Feb and it appears to have died should I leave it to see what happens next year
I am a new gardener with an allotment.I would like to know how to store my carrots,swede,leeks over the winter do I use sacks made of paper or sacking box of sawdust or sand, plastic bag or newspaper,what about brocolli and red cabbage, ive got ooddles of it? thanks awaiting eagerly.


Tent pegs are useful for holding any sort of netting/fleece down. I need to know how to prune my raspberries,(I am new to this game) the leaves are begining to alter colour now, but still cropping heavily.

Re Mare's Tail - I had lots of this growing - here's how I got rid of it:

Dig up as much as you can and any remaining that are not in close proximity to plants you want to keep - put 35ml to 5l of Weedol RootKill Plus.

Then - plant snowball turnips - the turnips excrete into the soil a suppressor for the mare's tail.

This year I've had a few mare's tail heads poke thorugh and that's it - more turnips at the ready!!!

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