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I too love planting up pots and containers, I find it to be a quick, cheap way to have a change when you get itchy feet. They give instant impact if you have visitors coming and can really brighten up the outside of the house on a grey day. I have bought lots of cyclamen this year, the labels on them say hardy... living in North Yorkshire I'm not sure how this will pan out, I might follow Adam's idea and lift them and try to keep them going for next year... the challenge would be worth the effort I think if it works!
The dwarf cyclamen in my pot (illustrated) are varieties of Cyclamen persicum, that are similar to the indoor pot plant varieties. These would probably be killed off by a wet winter outside, unlike many of the hardy outdoor species such as Cyclamen coum and Cyclamen hederifolium, which can be grown outside all-year-round. Remember that it's often wet and waterlogged conditions that cause cyclamen tubers to rot, and not simply the cold.
Can any one tell me why arum and canna bulbs grow leaves but do not flower and how to remedy this please. I also have problems with daffodils and narcissi which only flower one year. Any advice would be appreciated.
When should I prune my climbing roses? The gardeners world front page says now is ok but others advise waiting till winter.
hi there,i dont think you are planting your bulbs deeper enough,they ave 2 be planted 3x the bulb size,hope you have a booming good christmas x


Yes Sue, climbing and rambling roses can be pruned now to prevent their long shoots been battered and broken by strong winds. Prune back side shoots and tie new growth in securely. Actually pulling stems down and training them at a more horizontal position encourages new shoots to develop right along their length. And you know what you get when you have more shoots .... more flowers! Also prune back growth of standard roses now too. However, floribunda and bush roses can be pruned later in winter - prune in January and use healthy shoots as hardwood cuttings.
I planted up a perennial bed this year but got the spacing between some of the plants badly wrong. I'm itching to move(transplant) some of them before they die back and become unrecognisable - can I do it now in October, or should I wait for the spring?
Im just a beginner gardener and have just potted up some lovely cyclamens in my pots outside of my front door. They are looking lovely. I also am trying to find some ideas for planting flowering shrubs in my small back garden that i can plant and that will be year round pleasure as i dont know what yet to plant i would love to hear of anyone who knows what are easy to plant and that grow fairly easily i have planted a Pampas grass that is doing well and an aucuba japonica but not sure what else at the moment any ideas?
Hi Lorna, it all depends on the soil. You can't go wrong with a Pieris Flame, a shrub which has leaves and flowers which change colour. I've just recently moved to a clay soil area which roses do well in so I hear. I would like to know a variety of rose i could plant as a border, smaller than a bush rose?
I know cyclamem are lime haters so when it comes to planting in pots then do you have to put them with plants that are also lime haters? I've recently found out that they prefer to be kept dry and since I've stopped watering so frequently they look superb. How long will I be able to keep them in the pots...I have no greenhouse.
Thanks for your tips Maggie. Yes, these indoor cyclamen varieties hate wet compost, so be careful to avoid over watering. Keeping them on the dry side is best. Their tubers will probably be killed by cold and wet winter weather, so you'll need to either bring cyclamen under cover or onto a windowsill, or dig up tubers and store in a frost-free place. Plant again from spring to early summer to bring dormant tubers back into growth.
Re: cyclamen Indoors; Regarding the above issue, would like to say that these plants I bought as suitable for the garden. From the time they went into the ground they never started to grow. Now moved indoors to a house I am still waiting a result. Could it be that they were dead when purchased or maybe need some special type of environment or is it just me. Would be pleased of any comments.
Can anyone tell me what to do with my Canna's that I haved in pots now? Their leaves have noe started to blacken, and I know I should move them into the greenhouse, but should I cut the leaves back, if so how far. Any other tips? Thanks
My cyclamen are waterlogged in their pots. I plunged them in the sink and drained them on the draining board, but they still exuded water when the plastic pot was squeezed 24 hrs later.I've tipped them out and laid them on the patio. The leaves are only partially yellow and some flowers and buds are strong. I've left them out of their pots , in theopoen air overnight. The soil is sodden - what can I do next to save them?


hi please could you send me some free seeds as i love gardening and fink they would look nice in my garden thanks

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