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what do I do with my badly frosted watsonia the leaves are brown a good way down! jumbow
this is very good but when to put them in the garden,
When is the best time to move a garden grown azalea
Can I put the azalea that I have as a house plant into the garden (in a container)? If so when can I do it?


I am new to this, so not sure what I am making a comment on. Would like to know the answer to Robertstrish question, if that is allowed.
Hi I have only just started on this web site I would like to know what to do with lily bulbs once the flower has died off. do you leave them in the pot or take them up till ready to grow out next time.
Very good, but was wondering about a garden azalea my dad has. Feed and watering etc.
It was good for me, having both azaleas and citrus
plants. I'me waiting for pomegranate plants on how to
pollinate to come up.
Bob Hampson.

The chances of getting a pomegranate to fruit in the the UK are pretty close to zero-we do not have the right climate- unless you have a tropical greenhouse

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