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debbiemackenzie - I don't know what's causing the brown patches in your lawn, possibly chafer grubs - but the small holes could be made by solitary bees. Do they resemble tiny volcanoes? Solitary bee culprits could include tawny mining bees and mason bees. They're harmless, and fun to watch. I would just lightly fork over the ground for now, taking care to leave the holes intact, and seed over the patches, so the bees are unharmed and can emerge next year. If you want to discourage bees from nesting in your lawn again, you could try erecting a bee hotel, which the bees may use instead. As for the brown patches, I'd keep an eye on the situation and see if it happens again. If chafer grubs are a problem you may want to consider using a nematode to kill them. Sarah's pondlife - that's sad about the fox. My rabbit died on Boxing Day when I was 16 and I buried him in the garden. It didn't ruin Christmas, but I always think of him at that time. I hope Isabel gets over her loss soon and can enjoy the garden and its wildlife once more. Kate
what is the best treatment toput on a lawn to improve growth and condition if the soil is acid
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I will be weeding weeding and more weeding till all my dandelions are gone and have found that I have been taken over by brambles they have mysteriesly travelled from one end of the garden to the other!! Plus my maple tree has decided to give us a lovely show, all the flowers are now dropping every where and making a lovely mess, yellow snow!! But I love the tree and would never get rid of it. I am a tree hugger!

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