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Sue, you know, you're right, they are attractive. I think it is the rather more (sorry, but....) maggoty looking larvae that let them down because unless you see one actually gulping down aphids, they really look both rather unattractive and rather more like a pest than a goody!
I also think the adults are attractive but I don't know what the larvae look like, I must find out so that I can tell friend from foe.
The lacewings in our garden always head for the childrens playhouse in the winter months and we are always delighted to see them. Such delicate things, great for getting the children interested!
I would like to know which larvae is friend and which is foe, as a newcomer to gardening I'm not sure if I should leave well alone or crush. Do you think Gardeners' World magazine could do a feature on this? Maybe in time for the critter season?
Horse chest nut tree, disease? My tree in the front garden seems to have stopped coming into leaf etc. Buds appeared then leaves but only small!, by now every thing should be covered in full grown leaves etc. We have been in this house 3 years and every year the tree gives us a beautiful canopy of shade in full summer, what could be the problem please. Alan


could u please tell me how to look after hedgehogs b & b i know 2 feed them dog food but when do they go 2 sleep 4 the winter? Andrea P
Yes they're such pretty things, and I think they do well in our garden as we have such an array of nest materials for them.

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