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I have planted "Compassion" this year against the wall. I am not a rose person but this is a superb specimen. Even in its first year it has flowered twice. It has strong growth with shiny dark green leaves and a pleasantly scented orangey pink flower. Quite lovely!
Could you please tell me if some kind of virus has been attacking impatiens this summer? Lots of gardener's have had the same problem as myself - plants losing their leaves and flowers from the tips and then the plant just rotting away
If Angela Jones has the same problem as me then the culprits are small snails which have decimated my busy lizzies. I have never had problems before and I have regarded them as bomb proof to pests. Slug pellets cant keep them at bay and I can only assume that its due to the very wet summer. Lots of gardens in the area (Macclesfield ) have been affected. Is this a widespread problem this year ?
Can anyone tell me how to make my agapanthus flower? All the articles I read say that they like their roots to be congested - which mine are. I have about 3 plants each in 2 pots, but they haven't flowered since I bought them.


Angela, I think your problem could be Downy Mildew.

Christine, you don't say just how long your agapanthus have been growing or how large the pots are. You will probably have to wait until roots have completely filled the pots. I've had some plants flower in their first year, while others have taken 3 years, so be patient.

I live in Oxfordshire. Earlier in the year my busy lizzies looked lovely, then bare stalks appeared and eventually the plant rotted (it gave the impression that they had been hit by frost). I thought it was something I had done, reassuring to find out it wasn't. However my New Guinea busy lizzies in pots are fine. I have now cleared my garden and pots of the ordinary busy lizzies.
My busy lizzies were beutifull one minute then just two hanging baskets of stems the next I heard there was a virus that was killing off healthy plants.

Christine I bought a very small pot of agapanthus 3 years ago and put them in a 2 foot pot with lillies and pineapple lillies and top dressed with pebbles the pot is not root bound and this year I have one very large flower for the first time and 3 pineapple lilly flowers the agapanthus has made good broard leaves so hopefully I might get 2 flowers next year.I have freinds who have a clump of them and they don't do anything to them they just garden around them and they get 20 to 30 flower heads a year.

Reply to Mike: Impatiens tend to be treated as annuals, but these are really tender perennials. If you take cuttings and over winter in frost-free conditions you can get them through winter. I've grown many as houseplants over the years.
I had New Guinea Busy Lizzie's last year and they were absolutely stunning. They will always be on my shopping list from now on.
I have the same problem with busy lizzies this year,which is rapidly destroying every plant within hours of replacing or initial planting.Flower petal all over the ground below pots and then buds,stem and leaves stripped within hours.Spraying slug pellets have no effect.Plants in borders are the sign of slug trails.Could it be mice,pigeons or sparrows.It's notrain as it happens within hours regardless of weather. HELP!!
I planted nine containers of Busy Lizzies. Every container is completely decimated. My neighbour also has the same problem. Through, looking at various sites I found out that there is a virus affecting Busy Lizzie's which is exacerbated by damp wet weather. Which we certainly had this summer.!! Most sites give the advice not to plant busy Lizzie's in the same spot for several years. If you're using a container the advice to thoroughly wash and disinfect because SPORES remain for several years. However, the good news is, it doesn't seem to affect other plants. I'm off to look for some winter flowering pansies. Hope this is of use to you.
Thanks Tania. Next year try planting the New Guinea Busy Lizzies I mention in this blog as they DO NOT get infected with Downy Mildew disease.
i have had this problem with busy lizzies being stripped of their leaves and flowers for three consecutive years' i do have problems with small snails,but i would have thought other plants would be affected.i always disinfect containers before use and fresh compost each year is used .this problem is wondering earwigs.


Downy Mildew disease has been widespread in 2011, and my normal bedding busy Lizzies have been infected and died. However, the larger flowers New Guinea Impatiens do not get this disease, and I don’t think the varieties called SunPatiens get downy mildew either. Otherwise, looking ahead to 2012 I’d recommend people grow something different. The Busy Lizzy market is said to be valued at around £25million, so the loss of this market could have a big impact. However, most gardeners and parks departments will grow an alternative, so perhaps this won’t have too much impact on commercial growers.
Please can you suggest / recommend some favourite varieties of climbing rose? Many thanks.

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