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"But again you really do not need good tomatoes in the UK. Since you all would only make bad food from them any way."

These comments from Gridgardener...You can't comment on the "bad food" until you have tasted my chutney mate.

i've never grown anything before this years a first,if anyone has got a few spare seeds for me to try I would be greatful
I grew Gardeners' Delight in a greenhouse first time 2006 and lost about a quarter fruit which split, it was suggested eratic watering, hold my hand up, probably was. 2007, watered regularly to within an hour - lost about two thirds fruit which split. What am I doing wrong, can somebody help before I put effort into this years crop.
If it's free seeds you're after, Motorcycle, then check out the April issue of Gardeners' World Magazine (on sale from March 26) which comes with free packets of tomato, chilli, basil and spicy salad seeds.

Fennel, you don't say what you're growing your greenhouse tomatoes in. It it's growing bags then it's often hard keeping up with the watering on these. Splitting fruit is a clear sign that the compost has been allowed to dry out at some stage.

motorcycle i got loads of seeds i would be happy to share with you mate no probs hit me back with a comment and i'll sort summit out


Phew its better than watching eastenders reading this column , everyones obviously entitled to their opinion some are particular willing to express it a bit to much, u know who u are!!

Some of us unfortunately haven't the room for a greenhouse, I do my best with the use of windowsills to start off , then transfer seedlings to a plastic coldframe in individual pots before placing them in their final positions, I had alot of success last year with Gardeners' Delight - my kids really enjoyed them, I had surplus plants so relatives ended up with my spares, I am trying both sweet olive as it looks so tasty and am also trying a beefsteak purely because I've never had a go.

Everybody has different tastes where their veg is concerned - how about just enjoy the benefits of growing... keep up the good work Adam !!

Hi, I set my tomato seeds a few weeks ago and having been in a cold frame they germinated but have grown very leggy. can I pinch out the extended growth or do I just have to wait and let them thicken up? They are all around 30cm long and very thin and do not support themselves.
A bad year last year for tomatoes, all our allotment friends and us lost our crops to blight, I was lucky, I planted 5 Gardeners Delight in among flowers in south west facing garden, which is surrounded by hedges and bushes, I got a bumper crop with no sign of blight, I also grew sweet corn in there and the cobs were delicious, we ate 2 straight from the plant, not cooked. we lost a lot of the potatoes too to blight on the allotment and in tubs at home, hope we get a better year this year which is our 2nd year on the allotment. I must say though we had a bumper crop of runner beans, we are still eating frozen ones,good luck all for this year.
I have just started planting some beefsteak tomatoes in little dixie cups and some of them are just now sprouting up and i was wondering what type of pot they should go into next or should I just plant them in the ground when they get to be about 3" tall? I'm very new at planting fruits and veggies. So any advice would be great! Thanks.
Adam I planted some beefsteak toms seeds in garden that was heavy with mushroom compost and they went mad had tons of fruit hope this helps.
Thanks Dave. I haven't tried growing them outside due to annual problems with blight, but interesting to hear you've had good results. Not sure what part of the country you live in, or the variety you grew, so do share with everyone.
Dear Brits: Pay no attention to gridgardener. He posts on several American garden sites using many nicknames but always the worst English and never a friendly or civil thing to say. Please accept my apologies for what we here in the States refer to as white trash.
last year toms not very good only thing ive ever grown. this year ive grown sweetcorn cucumber carrots curly cale and raspberrys and buffalo all in pots in me garden from seed and very pleased. i water 3 to 4 times a day add the growmore food and tomarite liqiud evry so offten.i read up on tomatoes on the net i found the secret was keeping 3 branch leaves on it at all times choose the right 1s to remove producing between 8 to 12 in a bunch very pleased
We grew Super Marmande - which I guess are classed as beefsteak tomatoes - and unfortunately they don't have a lot of flavour, nor are there many to a plant. Two plants are in Growbags, one in a pot in the greenhouse and one in the garden - all have similar results. Gardeners Delight are doing well and taste good - ditto Tigerella, which have an excellent flavour - all in the greenhouse. I was advised to remove most of the leaves once the flowers were showing on all the tomato plants - is this a good idea, and if so when is the best time to defoliate?
this is my first year growing beef i have one plant with only three tomatoes on it is this right


Perhaps Nick could let us have the recipe for green tomato chutney as I have loads of beef tomatoes, perfect size and shape, just will not ripen. Any suggestions, have tried putting ripe banana skins close to them but with no success. They are all either in pots or in the ground outside, would they do better in a greenhouse? I'd be grateful for suggestions.
Hi Jeangenie I too would love the green tomato chutney recipe 'cos like you I have loads of beef tomatoes, perfect but not ripening. All mine are growing outside but will try some inside my greenhouse next year (just hung them up in greenhouse to see if that'll ripen them off!) I've also Gardeners Delight inside and out that are delicious (even when split!).

Hi Obelixx Shame about your tomatoes but like you I had great salad greens (red and green cut-and-come again), soft fruit (eaten off the bush but now in the freezer)and the best ever broad beans.

Hi Gridgardener Thanks for making me laugh but your talents are wasted on this site. Your acerbic nature obviously needs vital ingestion of manure - but just make sure it's organic.

we brought a rapberry bush last year and it didnt produce any fruit, we dont know when we should prune it, when will it have any fruit on it
What would cause super beefsteak tomatoes (Burpee) to produce copious small fruit instead of fewer large fruits? My beefsteaks have produced up to 20 tomatoes per truss with 5 or 6 trusses on each plant. All of the fruit is the size of a cherry tomatoe.
Beefsteak tomatoes are more for eating in sandwiches such as the ubiquitous BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato with mayo). For salads and sauces it's best to go for a smaller fruit with more concentrated flavours. Sandwich tomatoes are supported by the flavours of other fillings. Size does seem to mean less concentrated taste.