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there several reason for your growing problem in you green house.

1. you pot size probally to small beefsteaks need at least a pot size of a half meter or greater.

2. you soil is not in right ballance

3. you are watering irregularly

4. gardener delight is not tomato it is just an excuse that bad tomato grower use to claim they are growing tomatoes

5. tomato plants in pot need to be fertized more often then those grown in ground.

6. the temp of the water used to water the plant should at least 24 c.

I would continue but I don't want to embarrass you a more then I all ready have.

Happy to disagree with you gridgardener. 'Gardener's Delight' is one of the finest tomatoes there is. That's why it's a firm favourite with so many for its outstanding flavour. No problem with my pot size, compost balance (not soil in my case) or feeding and watering, as the plants are strong and healthy. I just don't find beefsteak varieties productive, but will consider the recommendation above for Buffalo.
Lets not be critical, lets have fun growing tomatoes and probably with a little trial and error and of course the garden gurus' help we might get lucky. So good luck and lets hope your beef, jumbo, pumkin tomatoes whatever you may call them lets share all our experiences and enjoy the fruits.
Adam Pasco another reason you don't get good production is you are starting to late.

gardener delight is not worth growing. I usualy get 9 to 15 kg's of beefsteak and other large tomato varieties I grow. but then again i grow in the ground and I really high quality soil.

If you would like to learn to properly grow beefsteak tomatoes I will glady tell have so you can learn the proper way no matter how the summer weather is.


I love Gardeners Delight tomatoes. The bigger the tomato the less sweet and juicy it seems to be. I have such huge crops of Gardeners Delight that the branches are near to snapping with the weight. They may be easy to grow, but what are you proving by growing something more difficult only to be disappointed. (I will, however be growing other cherry types this year)
I think that the tomatoes are very nice it's just a shame you couldn't eat any this year Adam.
I like the taste of the tomatoes but I normally only eat tomatoes cooked. They are the nicest in tomato sauces. I like these kind of tomatoes. Plum tomatoes are the main ones I eat.
I briefly met Bob Flowerdew last October on the M6 services. He also said that last year was a bad year for tomatoes as there simply was not enough light. Toms also do better in the ground not grow bags.(disagree?). I too had a bad year, not enough green toms for my chutney recipe. Also got blight and that dreaded end rot malarky. What a disaster! Hope '08 is better! I think irregular watering was my problem. Ah well, live & learn...
Wasn't last year just a generally bad year for all tomatoes whatever their breeding? So much rain and grey skies and lack of heat and sun is bound to affect flavour and productivity whatever the variety.

All my tomatoes got blight but I had very good salad leaves and soft fruits and excellent, tasty broad beans.

Request to gridgardener: could you please give preparation and recipe for squirrel with tomatoes, onions, artichokes, and chilli peppers? Would this recipe do for wood pigeons as well? Would you bake these?
I always grow sungold but can only do them in gro bags in my small garden - no greenhouse. They are normally very tasty and a good cropper but last year they were poor. I think we had just enough to roast them on the barbecue with some sausages in the end.
I grew Sungold in my greenhouse last year using ring culture on a gravel bed. I had more than enough delicious tomatoes - though not a huge amount made it out of the greenhouse! That is one of the pleasures of small toms - pick and eat immediately whilst doing more mundane everyday tasks.

I tend to agree with Adam re beefsteaks. I have grown Costaluto for the last 2 years - disappointing both in flavour and quantity. Maybe I'll try Buffalo this year. Anyone got any recommendations for the best variety to grow for making green tomato chutney?


No one has yet convinced me that beefsteak tomatoes are indispensable... but there's still time before I have to sow them. Can anyone recommend the very best varieties to cook and use for making pasta sauces? I've tried some of the fleshy Italian plum varieties, but which one is best?
Adam Pasco the best varieties of tomatoes for making sauce is san marzano and san marzano redota.

If you really want to learn how to grow beefsteak tomatoes I suggest you contact colin bowcock since he grew one of biggest tomato ever in uk or get copy of his book on how to grow giant vegetables the beefsteak tomato is indispensable in making one of the best sandwiches in the world. The BLT the bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich.

But again you really do not need good tomatoes in the UK. Since you all would only make bad food from them any way.

gridgardener will you ever speak the truth and stop going against everything Adam Pasco says? I think that the Beefsteak tomatoes are one of the nicest. I love tomatoes and think you are wrong. Tomatoes go well in sauces, in salads, sandwiches and loads more! They are the best fruit to go in main meals and I am sure everyone would agree.
Peter Seabrook recommends the beefsteak variety 'Country Taste' F1, "just one fruit of which will fill a man's hand and a single slice is enough to fill a sandwich!"
Hey gridgardener,Why are you so nasty, If you have a way of letting people know the best way of growing toms.(or anything come to that) WHY not let everyone know. All the books say you should sow toms. indoors in Feb, you say you have yours outdoors and Feb is to late. Well why not let us all into your secrets!!!then maybe we'll all be as good as you?!!!