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There's a new beetle on the block, or should I say lavender plant. Its shiny black with stripes ranging from pale orange to dark red, about the size of a ladybird, could be mistaken for one i guess, except its unusual colours. Did check out the harlequin bug and glad to find its not one of them. Don't know if it fly's, doesn't appear to be harmful, no sting, from a distance looks like goblets of water/oil on branch. quite pretty but am afaid if its pretty it could be a pest? would like to think its not and is a beneficial bug for the garden. If so what does it eat, and what eats it? any photos, pics, websites, ideas or info would be greatly appreciated. But am being driven mad by the fact that no one seems to have seen it before or can tell me what it is, and my curiosity is very piqued.please help my curiosty, thanks
Thank you for advice on the wasp nest, as I had one in my shed, I left it because it looked pretty and had just the one wasp, I was told it was a wood wasp , anyway it was just the size of a golf ball so I waited till the wasp had gone and knocked it into a pot and through it into the garden, there was nothing in it so I did not feel guilty killing anything. once again thank you.
Thanks for the info on wasps nests. I have a golf ball sized white one at the entrance to my shed so I shall try to remove when the queen is absent.
Reply to Jay. You have the rosemary leaf beetle (which also feeds on lavender). It's spreading quickly across England, but is often not included in garden bug identification guides because it really only arrived a few years ago.
i to have had loads of problems since early april I live in south west France, with wasps trying to make nests in my greenhouse - i did just what you have all done, waited until it was empty then knocked it off the roof- particularly dangerous to me as i am extremely allergic to there sting, however it doesn't stop me gardening!


To deter wasps from nesting in sheds etc you can use those fake nests which make wasps think the space is already occupied. They're meant for use outdoors for picnics and BBQs but apparently they work indoors too.
I'm always on the look out for interesting bugs to show Richard and am so glad this one made it to the internet!

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