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on mid morning on the 27th dec myself and my boyfriend watched and took photo's of a very happy great spotted woodpecker.
it's amazing what birds feed in your garden if you sit long enough with a good guide birdbook and a nice cup of tea and plenty of food for the birds. robins,starlings,rooks,collered doves,blue tits,sparrows,blackbirds and a great spotted woodpecker. FANTASTIC.
For the last 4 days we have had 5 redwings in our garden feeding on the holly berries, they over the 4 days have stripped all the berries and have now gone, never seen them before so it was a real delight to see them just out side the kitchen window,
Have a pair of long tailed titd in my garden exhibiting some odd behaviour. I went ouit into my garage at 9.30 this morning and one of tem was banging on the window with it's beak, have bee out several tines since and it keeps coming back and doing the same thing. It does not fly away when iapproch the window, and looks to all intents and purposes as if it would like to come in. can anyone tell me what this might be all about

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