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Gardening Grandma

Quite agree about the roundup applicator - too clumsy to be practical. I agree that bindweed is a blasted nuisance, but I keep the whole thing in proportion because in my last garden I had Japanese Knotweed and Horsetail. These were much worse pests because nothing seemed to kill them. I used to cut the knotweed a couple of inches from the ground and pour in full-strength Roundup, with limited success. Nothing worked on the Horsetail. Digging it up was a waste of time. Both were endemic in the surrounding gardens and countryside. In my present garden, I have bindweed and I imported ground elder with a plant I bought, which is frustrating, but it is a doddle compared with the two pests I've mentioned.  

I was informed by a friend that marigolds (vartiety unknown) will stop the spread of ground elder and even possibly kill it.  Don't know the truth  of this, but it might be worth a try.


I think it would take more than marigolds to get rid of ground elder

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