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These tips are really good, and I will be trying them out in my garden.
how do i divide a large dahlia corm and can i grow them in large pots
1st class advice & information. Helps me do my bit for the environment.
Won't the fat cake fall apart when the birds land on it? Will the squirrels help themselves to it?
ooh i cant wait to make these i have a few robbins popping in and out of my garden and well as other birds and its so brilliant to see them from my kitchen window watching them i also have alot of sunflower seeds from my sunflowers which they tend to really enjoy and as i have so many i can add these to the cakes too And now that my grape vine has matured i can place there bird nest next to it so it adds cover for them and its just the right high for them as they dont like there nests too high


Put fat cake mix into old brightly coloured mugs and hand from tall lantern hooks in the border - adds a splash of colour and encourages the birds too.
A picture of one of our feeders, It gives the small birds some protection from our resident Sparow hawk. We even have a Greater Spotted Woodpecker who gets inside to feed with no problems.
I have been making fat cakes for several years and every year my garden is full of birds. The wood pecker can't get enough and the squirrels like them too!!
You say not to use a fat that doesn't set then say to use Lard, this isn't a good thing to use during warmer weather, much better to use dripping, but shop around for it Tesco value oats are the cheapest. I use 2 litre pop bottles cut off at the shoulder as moulds, they take about 1.5 litres of mix each, Then hang them in tubes of half inch (1cm) wire netting hung inside 2 hanging baskets hung by their sides, 2 chains to hold the baskets and the 3rd to hold the feeder.
I have just made some cranberry jelly from my own berries and wonder whether I can use the leftover pulp (berries boiled in their entirety without any additives and drained)in bird cakes?
I will be putting these tips to good use, thanks for this.I like to do my bit for nature.
can you use fat from cooked hock bone ?
nina swanson
I will be trying these out later with my 12 year old, a great sunday afternoon event! I agree with Glovesareon and hope they dont fall apart.
joyce mannell

can i use unsalted nuts chopped up as i have a lot of almonds and hazelnuts


Pour your dried mix into a pot. I use ready made jelly pots and have 2.

Get a microwave pot, put the lard in that and microwave to melt (about 30 second to 1 minute. If you want you can add spices (apparently squirrels don't like spicy foods) then pour this on top of the died mix in the jelly pot. Use the base of the other jelly pot to pat it all down and leave to set.

You can then take it out the pot or just hang it up as it is. Job done in 2 minutes.



Beef dripping is much better than lard - lard is too greasy and birds wipe their beaks on their feathers and that damages the insulation qualities and can cause real problems.

Steve 309

...I tend to mix in the little bits of cereal remaining in the bottom of the packet - as long as it's not too sugary.  Beef dripping from grilled burgers (yes, sometimes ), fat from grilled bangers etc.

Pat E

Dove, thanks for that information. I can't buy lard or suet here and had given up on the idea of making seed balls.(not that they need extra  feed at the moment - there is grass seeding everywhere, here.) HRH has a continual battle with seeds getting caught in her coat.


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