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Last spring there was a pair of robins, a pair of wrens and a pair of blackbirds, all of which had successful nests in one Climbing Hydrangea on the wall of my office - from that I take it that different breeds will tolerate other nests nearby - our blue tits raised two broods in a nest box fixed at about 6 ft height facing nor' nor' west on the trunk of a mature ash tree.  The things to think about are a sheltered perching point about 12 - 20 ft away and a clear flight path from there to the nestbox.  

Info about how to fix here


Dove, I think I'm hooked; have downloaded plans for bird boxes. Bird B&B will hopefully be up and running soon

Any problems about making them from exterior plywood???

my husband made a robins nest box as well as other nest boxes I put them on the allotment an now there is a robin nesting in it an the others are occupied I'm so thrilled .


The instructions said not to use any paint ect on the boxes. Ive just been looking at some cool designs of bird boxes painted on the internet. I like the idea of getting a bit colourful and creative but dont obviously dont want the birds to get hurt. Is there a animal friendly paint ???

a few years ago. I saw a robin building a nest on a pile of bags in my garage, then I found 4 chicks in the nest.

yesterday I realised that a robin has built a nest again in garage, the lightweight door opens upwards, and slides onto the ceiling. the nest is in the gap between door and ceiling.

I haven't explained that well, anyway, I leave the windows open, so that is how the robin gains entry. so fingers crossed for another brood 


i made a blue tit box last year and loved having the blue tits in there, i did paint it with a water based garden paint but only on the outside and not in the entrance hole as they peck it to their liking when they move in. this summer i have made a robins nest box and another sparrow box so i'm hoping they will be occupied in due course.

don't forget when making your boxes to 'scratch lines into the wood inside of the entrance hole wall to enable the chicks to get out easily, i just gouge the wood if using smooth wood but if using rough unplaned wood they should be ok

I am very interested in your bird box it looks very easy to make but I have had two in my garden for several years facing south as I can but NO birds have taken any interest in them any advise please?

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