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This is more exactly my experience too, here in North Derbyshire. A bird I had never seen before, but very handsome. A quick scrabble for the binoculars -no its not a thrush- scan through the bird book, couldn't find it at first sweep. One phone call to my mother in Norfolk who might know. She did because she'd just been watching a news item about a huge influx of Fieldfares from Sweden.
I was puzzling last week over what looked like a flock of a couple of dozen fat thrushes in Dulwich (SE London), but I don't remember ever seeing thrushes flock. Couldn't get a good look as they were against the glare of sun & snow, but you may have solved the mystery.
We to were visited by the 'Fieldfares', lots of them in our car park(Liskeard -Cornwall) to feast on the berries. Then the sat quite happily in the tree over hanging our car, which they very kindly decorated with lovely purple coloured p.. They were great to watch though.
We have had a flock of fieldfres in our garden for the first time thid year they visited daily for just over week eating the holly berries. None this week though
I too had these surprise visitors to my garden when it was snowy. I watched them for some time, trying to decide if they were thrushs. I live 3 miles from the sea in hampshire.


When we moved into our house over 30 years ago, we regularly had thrushes in the garden, and redwings and field fares in autumn/winter. For a number of years we have not see a thrush until last week. There he was using the break in the pond to bathe, and in the trees were redwings, stripping the last of the crabapples.
A thrush bathing in the break in the ice on our pond! The first we have seen in years! He appreciated the out of date blueberries scatterd on the table and ground! And in the neighbours tree, redwings eating crabapples, and then also taking a dip. What a site.
The birds deserting the feeding stations ,make the garden look truly bereft now What have I done to lose their allegiance?
Fieldfares visit our garden in Luton most winters to feed on the Hawthorn berries. They are usually accompanied by Redwings but I haven't seen them this year.
We have enjoyed seeing the Redwing and the Fieldfare this winter, at one time eating garlic and herb croutons!! have taken some beautiful photos.As the snow has gone so have the birds,perhaps never to return? unless we have more winters like this one........
We have had 20+ Redwings in the garden since before christmas. The berries have all been eaten and the birds are gone. What a wonderful sight. Southwell Notts
We have always had many fieldfare up here in the cumbria/scottish border forest area but this year NONE,maybe its been too cold here this year .
The day before yesterday my wife and i observed a Dunnock doing a similar dance to that shown of birds of paradise. The dunnock was on a horizontal piece of wood about eighteen inches long which protruded from my garden fence at a height of about six feet. The bird fluffed out its wings and then danced sideways back and fore along this piece of wood for three or four minutes.
I have had many new birds feeding in the garden this year includind a thrush and some wagtails. I have varied their diet and this is what i think has encouraged them. The wagtails and thrush only feed in the front garden at present. My blue tits have alsso returned and have been checking that their box is still there. I hope they notice its had a makeover.


I have had 1 fieldfare feeding in my garden for the past 3 weeks. He seems to be quite happy but it does worry me as he is always on his own. Can anyone please advise??? Thanks
now turned seventy seen two feildfares at our allotment ilford east london, they caught my attention because they were under attack by maggpies and defended their nest or what ever brought them there impressively completely routing the attackers and driving them away. if only blackbirds were so brave we lost two sets of chicks to maggpies
We live in Hampshire,and have been invaded with Redwing (looks like a thrush) and Fieldfare, a wonderful sight, at one time eating garlic and herb croutons!!! sadly all gone back to the fields, so, some compensation for the unusual weather (well for us in Hampshire)

I saw a field fare today-never ever seen one in my life as I come form further north and have just moved to the Borders-he was in the garden chasing the blackbirds away from the fallen apples. So excited to see a new bird!

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