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very useful
loved your grill and how easy just wndering were to buy the barbeque grill set thanks
Thank you - now my husband has a step by step approach - just what he needs :)
I also am going to build this B-B-Q but i cant find the grill set. Can you please tell me where you purchased it? Thanks, Greg
You can buy them from Argos, B&Q places like that, for about £20


found !! but there are also quite a lot of kits on Ebay that look around the same sort of size.
hi i was just wondring about how much it will it cost me to make a bbq like this one if you can get back to me soon that will be great thank you.
I need to make this at patio level. Our patio is 40" off the ground. What could I use for a base to raise it the 40" without having to brick it all the way? Thanks and great article.
How many bricks did you use please?
How many bricks will I need?
I bought a 'Grill and Bake' kit in Argos last year bit it was quite a bit smaller than the surround and doesn't fit - so be careful!! I took delivery a 'Black Knight' kit last week (bought it on Ebay but have since discovered they have their own website but the URL escapes me at the moment) and it fits beautifully.......happy days! Just waiting for sunshine now!
Hi there, i am new to all this but would love to try making this in my garden. Just wondered where you get, or how you make the metal tie mentioned in part 4? ''metal tie'- into the mortar to join the inner wall to the longer wall''.
Eddie J

Is it really worth it?

In the version shown, without even getting into the required concrete footing, it has used approx 132 bricks, approx .2m cube of sand, a bag of cement, then adding the cost of the metal work, and the labour cost personal or otherwise to build it, you could easily buy several cheap BBQ's for cost of this one BBQ!

Another factor to consider, is that brick built BBQ's are invariably built in the wrong place, and with changes in wind and weather, become an expensive and very ugly garden feature.

Just one small point why is there a "Length of hosepipe" in the "You will need" list ?
Do you slip it into your trousers to impress the guests

York Handmade Brick make really beautiful bricks that will make your Barbeque blend in to your garden as a garden feature to be proud of. They have won awards for landscaped gardens at Chelsea flower show. 'Google' York Handmade and take a look in the landscaping section to see what I mean.


Kathy 2

This is ours, built into the wall to terrace the sloping garden. It's much better than the general movable ones - it doesn't have to be put inside during winter or finish up as a pile of disintegrating rust by being left outside. It's always ready to use at the drop of a hat (or should I say at a ray of the sun!).  

 It has even been cooked on under an umbrella. I wouldn't be without it.


Nice tutorial... just what I was looking for! I have two questions, however:

- how do I calculate the amount of mortar I'm going to need to build a barbecue just like this one?

- what size slab did you use for the working surface 600mm x 600mm?

Thanks in advance for any help
How many bricks would I need
It would have been nice if you had said how many brick and how much cement and sand you used. Or how you hooked up the grill set. Where would i buy a paving slab?