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At this time of year strolling through the wilder parts of Bristol Downs is a delight because of the buttercups- large and small.
We have open fields belonging to local farm full of every weed, buttercup and you name it...looks lovely but they all find homes in my garden ! Im not against them but they are hard work along with the nettle, thistles, reeds, docks, dandelions...but i enjoy the fight .
hiya sorry its not about this topic but i have a rose plant which i think is kind of strange ithas blossomed but instead of stamen in the middle its got another 3 buds pertruding is this new
We stopped in a lay by on the way back from the Hay festival (after seeing Dan Pearson)on Sunday where there were grasses, field buttercups and ragged robin in abundance. Its exquisite perfection was most striking.

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