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Looks superb, Kate, and remember, before roof tiles the rain was kept out of our dwellings by sempervivums and sedums growing in the sod roofs, and what glorious colours you can get in these.
I'm sorry to say that's not the roof happymarion! Mine looks a little less polished than that, and the plug plants are a lot smaller. The one above makes a better photo though!
Get yourself a little bit of tufa, Kate and put alpines in it and you will soon have a lovely. light feature on your roof. Alpines grow very slowly in tufa so low maintenance too. Wildlife friendly can be so beautiful too.
That's a lovely idea, happymarion, but I've already got the roof built now. The wildflowers will put on plenty of growth in spring. Kate
I would love to do something like that on my summerhouse roof. It is quite large though 5m x 4m but theres only a slight run off as its nearly a flat roof. What happens to the felt?


This week we have had both our spring and winter flowering cherry's in flower and the snowdrops are showing green leave's about 1"above the ground, All the season's in one day.If I put a green roof on my old shed it would collapse,It's just about had it, time to move.
oh kate,im sure it looks fab or it will do come spring... however you have given me such a brill idea,in the new year im having a sort of smallish side extension done,its having a flat roof,i would love to put this ontop of the roof,does yor friend do this for a living? or can you advise me how to get someone who knows what they are doing...
I love this idea and I'm sure we'd love to see a picture of yours Kate when it comes to life in the'll be great! The only problem for me is I don't have a day.....!
I want to put a green roof on my shed. I need a maximum of 4 sq m. all the on-line suppliers I have found are in England - delivery is £70!! does anybody know of a supplier in Scotland? also is it too late to lay the green roof now (late november)?
It looks beautiful Kate, & very colourful. we're getting a new shed for our community garden, & we're putting a green roof on it.
could you build a green roof on an extension? It is a flat roof, but I guess it could be arranged so it sloped a bit more? anyone tried it?

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