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I am keeping top of the garden my wild life section, I am so glad I didn't dig it over, so will now add other bee friendly plants, and relieved I don't have to worry about the wax moth!!!!Thanks Kate.
I have just found a beautiful scarlet tiger moth basking in the sun on my "new this year" butterfly garden path which is made of limestone chippings. So lovely when serendipity brings you such a splendid sight.
This may explain why the numbers of Bumble Bees frequenting my cottage garden here in Preston have diminished hugely over the last two years?
This is the first I have heard of wax moths! What do they look like? If we could identify them we might be able to stop them before they do such dreadful damage. I have seen only 2 bees in my garden this year. I used to have a nest in my stone wall but no such luck this year.
mrswick - they look like clothes moths with a long snout. Kate is very, very good on her research so if you click on the words like wax moth which she has put in bold type you will get the story in detail,including a good picture and a wonderful video.


While cutting back a golden elm I came across a hideous growth that looked like a small - green - human brain. It was full of horrible white fly and some weird liquidy substance. I have been toying with chopping down this tree some for some time anyway as the leves often go bobbly and crinkly. What on earth was that horrible "growth"?
Well done for your determination. I dont know what I would have done but I'm rooting for you and the bees. Best of luck and keep us posted.

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