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I too have bumble bees in my compost. I really want to distribute some of the compost around the garden now! I've taken some away without disturbing the nest or the entrance hole. At first the changed shape of the heap confused some of the bees, and some of them took several attempts before they found the hole again. What can I do to avoid disrupting the nest too much whilst using my compost as intended - distributing it around the garden now rather than in Autumn?
I have bees going under my house a hole on the outside under my kitchen wall there is about 5 or 6 flying in and out what can i do
I have a bumle bee nest in my compost container. When i put waste in there they get a bit agitated. Should i just leave it, will they continue to nest there another year or will it be a one off?
Reply to Gill B, Claire and Helen Bumblebees are relatively docile compared to honeybees and wasps, so you could tolerate them until the nests finish in autumn. After the queens and new males (drones) are produced, the nest winds down and eventually is abandoned. This is the time to clear it out. The only bees about in winter are mated queens which leave to find a warm dry place in hedge bottoms, disused mouse nests and other secret places to hibernate. They will not seek out the old nest to reuse it, but because it as in a suitable place this year, the same site may be found by next year's founder queens, so clearance/disturbance this winter may prevent occupancy next year.
Just come back from holiday to find a bees nest under the shed. What a good excuse not to tidy the shed.They love the chives, lavender and the californian poppies. Despite having used nematodes and copper tape the slugs and snails are still having a feast!


I have a Cottoneaster shrub,and is popular with bees. This year however, there are thousands of bees swarming all over it, going in and out of the little flowers. It is up against my fence, but my next door neighbour is complaining saying the branches are spreading onto his side and so are the bees. I can't prune it at the moment due to the amount of bees. The bees don't bother me one bit but my neighbours wife is getting a bit uppity. He said he will 'give' me a fortnight to allow the bees to disperse. What should I do if they don't go?

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