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Reply to Mrs Cullen All of Britain's 55 or so resident butterfly species overwinter here, but in different stages of their development. Hairstreaks overwinter as eggs, cabbage whites as chrysalides, and others usually as either caterpillars or chrysalides. Five winter as adults: peacock, small tortoiseshell, comma, red admiral and brimstone. It is only the migrants -- painted ladies, clouded yellows, Camberwell beauties -- that die off completely to re-invade the following year.
You are amazing. If I were walking and saw that on the ground I wouldn't have thought anything about it. It looks like a leaf. Good thing you came along.
Interesting that it is coloured green, which would make it more visible at this time of year. Perhaps their natural place is among evergreens such as holly and ivy? My parents have an open fire and burn logs which are kept under cover, this is a favourite hibernation place for Peacock butterflies who look like dry leaves. Only when they are bought into the house and open their wings do we have 'butterfly patrol' and gather them up, to be placed back in the store. Whether they survive is not known.

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