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I found caterpillars crawling across the snow a few weeks back grrrr! I have tried nets and fleeces and they sitll get through:(
I still have a huge problem with caterpillers. They stripped the sprouts throughout the winter and are still going strong. Whenever you go in the garden, whatever the weather, you cannot fail to find them. I thought they would die out in the cold but although they have slowed down they seem to be stronger than ever. Am I the only person who seems to have hardy caterpillers?!
I saw on a TV Gardening Program that you could save the leaves of Rubbard in water making them very smelly. Then watering your cabages,etc with this mixture. Is this safe to do this ? this is surpost to keep the cab fly away!
i am told using nettles as a base for an infusion holds the caterpillors at bay god knows in a use for them i live near seville in spain where nettles grow real big so a use for them would be great garlic was also mentioned my garlic beds are great so any ideas would be useful
Over the years I've tried everything to keep the cabbage white off my Brassicas without success. So I've given up with brassicas and concentrate on more rewarding crops like potatoes, broad beans, runner beans, onoins, garlic, peas, sweet corn and leeks. My globe artichokes have been great for 10 years, but did not corp well this year despite vigourous plant growth. I've left them in the same bed without any supplementary food. Any ideas?


Peat B
The butterfly to drive most gardeners demented, by their sheer determination to fly through the smallest mesh without touching the sides. I admire the blighters, but refuse to be beaten by them. Despite every effort to deny them feeding stations the fly through nettings and machine gun nests without let or hindrance. The best way to get them reduced is to persuade the wife to go and squeeze the eggs on the cabbage leaves !

My cauliflowers were nearly decimated by them.  I successfully netted them against the pigeons but was tearing my hair out with the cabbage white.  Think I will just not grow brassicas next year.

I'm going to try planting tons of nastursiums in the  hope that they'll freely decimate them and leave my brassicas alone.  Otherwise I may have to give up on them also.  Nothing worse than having pests munch your carefully nurtured plants.  I've already lost a few cabbages to slugs

My problem is two fold, White butterfly and Pigeons.  This year I covered all my cabbage etc with securely fixed nylon fleece over a made up frame.  The fleece was a bit expensive but it has been worth every penny.  The frame was made from scraps of wood and rustynails.  The pigeons just gave up in the end and I had a certain amount of pleasure in watching the white butterflies get all frustrated then fly off to somewhere else.  Both fleece and frame will be good for at least a couple of years yet.   Who is very pleased with themselves?   

This is the first year I have had any problems with these. They are eating their way through my nasturtiums. There have been a lot of different butterflies this year but mostly the cabbage white. Must be the good weather.
They are a pain, they have completely ruined all my brasicas! How would I dispose of all my catterpillar ruined brassicas? Do I uproot it all and burn it?
Victoria Sponge

Do you know anyone with chickens? The chucks won't mind if there are still caterpillars on either. My chickens are actually getting sick of my neighbours cabbages so I'm letting the 'pillars eat the ones I grew for them.

No, I don't know anyone with chickens. Will it be ok to uproot all the damaged brassicas and burn it all? Catterpillars n all?
Please dont shout at me for this!
If your cabbages (only done this with cabbages so far) are reasonably well grown when they get attacked, just leve them, yes they will look really awful, but they do recover and you will still get a successful harvest, you just have to take a few more leaves off. The hardest thing is leaving cabbages in the ground that look like they will never be any good, persevere, its worth it, save your energy for another battle

Am trying this on purple sprouting and kale this year

I pick the brassica leaves once a week. I throw the Caterpillars in the pond, but it troubles me seeing them slowly drown. If I throw them 10 feet into a neighbouring field will they take to eating grass or will they work their way back to the brassica?



I doubt they would make their way back Chris, but im not sure they would switch to eating grass, so would starve.
Have you got a compost heap? Try picking 1 leaf and collecting the catterpillers in that then just lie it on the heap, or take it somewhere else, there are lots of creatures who eat catterpillers so they probably wont last long any how, but will at least be doing something some good

My cabbages look like lace at the mo, but im persevering, they still havent touched the other brassicas which are next to the cabbages, no idea why!

I originally planted my cabbages and cauliflowers under the black tunnel nets. Nothing, and I mean nothing was getting through them! 


When end they were big enough, I put up a gazebo frame at one third height and covered it with green netting. Nothing has got to them through that either. I get lots of comments from other allotmenters at how well my brassicas are doing and what a good idea the frame set up is 


shame I can't say the same for my sprouts my own fault, I never netted them at home and they got got at by the little buggers *mad face* 

They may bounce back as long as you havent chucked them that is! The sprouts will keep growing longer into the winter than the creatures munch

10 out of 10 for your netting and frame!


This is after they'd grow out of the black tunnel net. 

I had another one over my sweetcorn, beets, lettuces and beans until they were bird proof. They're tailor made for my beds so they're interchangeable 

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