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i am getting married on 29th may in my late mothers garden there is a large calla plant i would love to use the flowers for my wedding will they be in flower by then.
Lizzy, very hard to say, as I can't be sure what variety she was growing, or what part of the country the garden is. If I assume this plant is Zantedeschia aethiopica and probably the white variety 'Crowborough' then this usually starts flowering in March/April and can continue into June. You might be lucky! I'm sure all our web community send their very best wishes to you for the future, and a very happy wedding day.
I'm trying to find deep purple calla lilies (swartzcoff??) to plant do you know I can find them?
I have a very deep pink calla lily an as of yet i have had no trouble at all with it. I grow is in my garden in a very sunny patch, which it seems to love. It is a swartzcoff variety and i purchased it in wilkinsons shop in Runcorn.........i'm hoping for many more years of pleasure from it .


Calla lily's are native of south africa so they do thrive better at what we'd consider room temperature. They are a very thirsty plant as well and I would say that you can't really over water them. Make sure your soil is loam rich and they'll thrive! absolutely lovely flower if looked after!!!!
I recently bought a calla lily , a deep gold colour tinged with dark pink. It lives in the conservatory and it is kept well watered but the deep gold "flowers" have reverted back to a deep green, almost the same as the leaves. any ideas why?
Debbie, I wonder if this could be lack of light. The spathes do fade as they get old, so if you mean the gold tinged pink spathes have faded to green then this could simply be part of the ageing process.
We were transplanting a gorgeous yellow calla clump from the nursery container and ALL the stems snapped off. Will the plant survive or should I toss it? I am traumatized but not as traumatized as the poor plant.
I have been given a Calla Lily (purple variety) as a house plant. It came with no care intsructions. It looked very dry so I watered it & it is now leaking/dripping water from the tips of its leaves & flowers. Is this normal ? How best do I care for the plant? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
I have white calla lillies in my pond, which I am now hoping to split. I also have 3 other smaller calla plants of different colours, will they be ok planted in my pond, or am I better to plant them in a longish planter. I f so how deep should the planter be for all three plants planted together ??
We moved into a new property in April which had been empty for two years. In the garden is an amazing calla lily plant which grew 15 flowers recently. They have all died off now. A lot of the dead flowers are now bending over with the weight of what look like green pods inside. What should we do to ensure it flowers again next year please? I assume not a lot, as it has survived for two years without any help!! Thank you.


What do I do wiht the lily's after they have bloomed, and during winter. I recieved them from Gardeners world at the begining of the year. They bloomed womderfully,I cut of dead blooms , what now for next year?
i moved into a new property in july and was given a cala lilly as a present. I just stuck it in the ground which is quite heavy and it took off like a rocket 8, 9 huge green leaves. Now the first frost has hit and its all drooped. What should I do to protect the 'bulb' please?
hello i got a edge of night Zantedeschia Calla lily bulb last year the plant has dead away do i water or leave till can see it coming back? i have it on my
I have just bought two cclla lily bulbs, a pink and a purple one. As its the end of March I planted them in pots in my unheated greenhouse, but I've since read in my Percy Thrower book that they flower in the spring, shall I wait until the autumn to start them off, or put some heat underneath them now in my propagator, please advise
A very late answer to debbie, may 2009. the lily you may be looking for is schwarzwalder, a very dark aubergine colour. my daughter had them as her bouquet and have just brought some back from Holland to try and grow for myself.