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Hello and thank you in advance I have a fruit Cherry tree which has provided us with some wonderful large sized Cherries (that's if we get to them before the birds) The tree is approx 4ft high and purchased 3 years ago. Last year I noticed the bark is splitting and oozing a golden sap, It's worse this year could you tell me what could be causing this to happen?
I have to get rid of a tree that is really no good, I have purchased a new tree but on small rootstock, intend growing in the ground rather than a pot, how far from the original tree should I plant it. the garden is small.
I have just signed up. I wondered how and where any solution/proposed resolutions to problems are posted? I have a small orchard with Victoria plum trees, and any I replace seem to be getting canker quickly. Isn't there anything I can do to reverse the problem? Are there any plum varieties which are resistant to canker?
Peat B
I have found that a good dousing of bordeaux mix on the tree branches in the spring, before flowering, and a good splosh around the trunk up to 1.5 metres high, seems to help. I picked this up when in France a couple of years ago.
I have 2 Apples and a pear, several other trees and shrubs arround. The pear has Canker and has had FOR YEARS! it has never spread or reduced the number of delicious pears we have every year.

All were planted over 30 years ago. Am I just lucky?


Now that the leaves have formed, after a wonderful display of blossom, the leaves have started to drop at a fast rate of knots. On closer inspection, the leaves have small brown spots and the lower branches,this morning, have no leaves at all. Is this the start of canker? My neighbour had to have her tree cut down last year. Is it possible that it's spread to me. What should I do to try and save the tree?

Hi this is a bacterial disease and is spread buy birds but mostly by pruning tools if you do cut this tree with any thing sterlise it with surgical spirit or it can spread

Trees dont get better  they  are not like us they dont replace cells they wall them off

If it is only on one branch you can try to cut it out you will know if you get it all as there will be on stain in the freshly cut end

It is good practice to strelise all tools between plants

hi kaycurtis depending on what the sick tree has got would depend if the disease is in soil or in the plant. some soil diseases can live in the soil for 5 years and will infect new  plants that are susceptible  some are in the plant make shore the old plant is dead and remove as much as possible, ammonium sulphamate will kill the whole root and becomes plant food in the soil drill a hole fill it up and cover. Try and work out what it died from

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