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I am doing an small garden in my allotment in northwood kirkby nr liverpool for the local schools and i will like to get all the kids and grow the veg seeds and plant with them. they came to the allotment last year but every thing they done got wasted so this time i have built ther owen garden and all they afto do is plant it with flowers and veg and frute they will like it . it will be alot better for them to see it grow and defelep in to ther owen small garden and that will be grate for northwood kirkby sumthing good
nice one carol nice to see a lass who dont mind getting scruffy unlike some posh tarts on t.v
i have recently began growing my own organic veg, pots did well and parsnips also runner beans so i was very disappointed when my beetroot failed. do some veg or salad plants like less fussy soil or do you think the seeds out of date as they were only size of golf balls, not what pkt led me to believe. and i thought i'd grow carrots this year do i need to have mixed soil for them as someone suggested to add sand why?. also my rhubarb failed last year it had leaves which looked orange and rede speckled is that some sort of blight?, if so will i need to get rid of the whole plant and start again?.
Beetroot may have been out of date, but they can be funny - some years great, others not so great. They appreciate regular watering and firm soil and I always harvest at golf ball stage anyway as I find they are sweeter! Sand will help carrots because they tend to fork if in a heavy soil but I don't bother. For long unblemished roots, I grow mine in large pots of multipurpose compost, raised off the ground a little to avoid carrot fly :0). The rhubarb thing sounds like rust - best to dig up and burn, though you could cut right back and try again. If you go for new, plant new crown in a different spot with plenty of compost and don't water the leaves or crowd in with other plants. Hope this helps!
Carol Klein is fab, I am still hopeful she will front Gardeners World one day.... In the mean time, the cottage garden episode was really interesting - my style of gardening. I went out as soon as possible after watching,it was amazing to see the amount of bulbs coming through, hidden under all the debris. Gardening is ageless by the way, I was watching Geoff Hamilton at 21 and now in my late 30's like to watch Carol, Monty & Alan as well as Alys, can't bear this trendy, modern stuff. :0)


Inspirational! As Adam points out, so much covered in such a short time and so naturally and effortlessly by Carol. Real gardening in real time in a garden the presenter loves is the way forward for gardening programmes. Did worry about her up that ladder though....come on the older women!!!
Carol's enthusiasm is infectious. She is by far the best presenter currently. I loved her garden, and was heartened to see its winter state is just as messy as mine. Agree with Chris, no worries about ageism on this programme. I had to wait till Saturday to watch - rugby on BBC Wales on Friday - but it was well worth the wait. Look forward to the next episode.
What a wonderful programme, Carol Klein has just brightened up the miserable winter. I can't wait until Friday nights now. More of Carol, please, a true gardener and a down to earth lady - sorry about that.
A brilliant programme I learnt so much and enjoyed it all! As I was discussing with someone else, it's like being taken round her garden as a friend; not being taught or lectured to! Well done Carol...I could happily watch similar programmes all year instead of Gardener's World! Looking forward to tomorrow night.
Thought this was fab! got me motivated too, have been out there today with the kids, and up to the local garden centre to buy bird feeders and seed. Feel much better for it.
I think Carol is very inspiring. I saw her at the GW show in Birmingham & she was just the same as on t.v. I must add that Toby & Joe Swift were very friendly too - I was surprised & pleased at everyone's informality & approachability. I was feeling rather low last Friday but spent Saturday & Sunday afternoons in my garden & felt immensely cheered as a result. On Sunday I also went to the church garden where my late husband's ashes are scattered & planted a climbing rose - Compassion. Even that activity made me content because of the peace & serenity I feel when I'm in a garden - whatever I'm doing. I hope Carol's programmes inspire many more people.
Sad that Toby and Alys have taken the brunt of the reshuffle but GW was suffering. Both are great gardeners and will soon resurface im sure. Good luck both
Ihave always found Carol Klein to be an inspirational and informative gardener, but the new series "Life in a Cottage Garden" takes her infectious professionalism to new heights - I ordered the book immediately and am reading the chapters that keep a pace with this great new series. It has been a good move to have Carol presenting from her own garden as she is so "hands-on" - may it continue on Gardeners World. Monty and Carol are are a formidable team and I have great expectations for the new series of GW.
How wonderful to see so much support for Carol's programme, being one of the best presenters on gardening programmes I am inspired by her drive and courage, climbing the tree whilst Neal held the ladder but there again the programme is about what Carol does in the garden, always enjoy her on Gardener's World always talks a lot of sence.
I do so agree with the accolades for Carol. At last a proper gardening programme again, come to think of it she has been involved in most of my other favourite programmes & snippets of GW.


Carol is an inspiration to us all, even my husband, who just gardens as when I direct and mows lawns! LOVES HER. I spend two afternoons in the garden this week thanks to Carol's inspiration, thankyou BBC.
I missed the programme on the night but watched it on iPlayer this week. I thoroughly enjoyed the progamme as a good winter clear up is such a motivational activity with instant results. Carol is such an enthusiastic presenter she made me want to go straight out the following day and do the same in my garden had it not been raining, of course.
snow finally gone, just very wet and windy today ... going to try and get some time in the garden this weekend, looking forward to being at home in daylight hours instead of leaving for work the dark, and coming home again in the dark - feel like a vampire! Even if just get some of it tidied, and get rid of the rubbish that's blown in, it'll be something!
Geoff was the best but Carol runs him a close second. Just what we need a good down to earth (sorry)programme about real gardening by someone who knows what she's talking about and who has bucket loads of enthusiasm. Power to your trowel carol. Look forward to the rest of the series.
very special gardening programme, chiefly because of the infectious enthusiasm of Carol. Have fallen love with her 2 adorable dogs and wondered if anyone could tell me their breed?