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Love Carol's new gardening programme, just what we need to cheer a dull winter. Gardeners's World is not long enough to satisfy all tastes no matter who the presenter/s. Poor Toby and Alys suffered from the short-sighted TV programmers who expect one half hour to satisfy all ablilities, whereas past presenters have benefitted from a glut of programmes that took the pressure off expectations of GW content. What gardeners and viewers need is the same variety of choice foodies get with cookery and food related programmes then we wouldn't have such high expectations for our meagre half-hour.
I couldn't agree more with ZeppelinOrganics' post (no.33) - very well articulated. I find her totally inspiring with an infectious enthusiasm; and now I know she has a book out, I'll also be buying it.
What an absolute delight it is to tune into Gardeners World on a Friday evening and witness the passion that Carol Klein has for gardening. Her programmes are naturally presented and informative, and her personality is reflected in the beauty of her garden. The BBC missed an opportunity in not inviting her to head the programme when Monty was obliged to stand down in 1998. One can only hope that ageism was not the guiding factor in Carol's case. Her abundance of energy says it all.


Carole's scientific programme and the current series in her own garden, are both so superior to Gardener's World, that the BBC should keep these going and scrap GW. She is an inspiring presenter with a vast knowledge,who makes one feel they could ask anything about gardening and get a friendly constructive reply.
A heartwarming programme yesterday -March-April in Carol Klein's garden. How lucky we are to be able to share her knowledge and to be shown around the garden by the owner - an absolute privilege and delight.
At last a programme to delight,I can't thank Carol enough for cheering me up in this, the drearyest January ever. This is where the BBC have got it wrong with their prog., from Birmingham, we love to see and experience real gardeners in THEIR own garden. Please lets get rid of Birmingham and go back to a true gardener in their own garden.
Missed the first of carols new programmes in her own garden, but not missing any more, after such a harsh winter I am puzzled what to do to so many of my shrubs etc, Variegated californian lilac has all gone brown as has so many of my shrubs which I have tended for 20 years, hoping she gives us some advice on these things, and waiting with anticipation for next week, and also to see MONTY back, best team ever Carol and Monty, many more series in the offing in their own gardens.
I liked Carols programme and love the new book too. I am very upset though that the BBC have pushed Toby and Alys off as I loved them too and thought their ideas were great. I will not be watching Monty as I find him as dull as a stagnant ditch. I will stick to Carols programmes and hope that a programme is found for Toby as I did learn loads from him. So back to my seed catalogues and Carols book until I can watch again.
Loved Carol's programme. Gave up on GW after many years - right from watching Percy Thrower with my mother! Am itching for the rain to stop here in Dorset so I can get out and put Carol's advice and expertise into practice. She has such infectious enthusiasm. One question: how does she get the dirt off her hands after a session in the garden?
trytobegreen - try neat washing-up liquid. Works for me and there is an environmentally friendly version.
I've always liked watching Carol - loved the way she anchored Gardener's World when Monty Don was taken ill and was very disappointed that she was pushed aside for Toby. The first programme of Carol's new series spurred me into the garden the following day, fortunately a mild day although there was still some snow about and the ponds were frozen, but, oh, how good to get those hands dirty collecting all those leaves that had been hiding for a month under snow. After programme two I've been inspired to cloud prune a low box hedge. I wonder what I'll do after programme three! Half an hour passes so quickly.
bit of friday night sanity, so much info. to absorb, such a lovely lady with so much wit and clarity.gardening should be like she does it..I wish! her style befits her programme,eagerly await the next episode!


At last a real gardening programme to look forward to on a Friday evening. Carol's hands on, informative and inspirational gardening is a joy to watch. I immediately went out and bought her book which is also excellent. Please BBC more programmes for real gardeners.
What a wonderful programme, Carol is the star of the gardening. BBC please produce more of this types of educational programmes.
Iam really enjoying joining carol in here garden every friday as she makes everything she does so interesting,am looking forward to reading her book about the prog.Well done carol look forward to the rest of the series also when you will be back in the spring with Gardeners World.
Dear Carol I have tried for two years to find substantial grey seedling pots like yours, which don't break up when you lift them up. Any ideas who supplies them now please? Thanks Pat
Fantastic !! So inspiring, how i would love a tour around carols garden. Really looking forward to getting some life back into my garden .