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Dear Carol, Congratulations on your new series, I found it really inspiring. I have learnt so much from watching you and reading your books and, like you, I am starting to increase my stock by seed collecting and propagation. Thank you for being so contagiously enthusiastic. Val Leighfield
Agree with all the comments read.Its nice to get technical advice rather than how to plant where and when.Carol is an inspiration to us all whatever our age. I look forward to the next programme-my V-box is going to be really busy
Carol's series on Friday evenings is wonderfully inspiring and her enthusiasm infectious. I hope there'll be another series from her after this.
Carol is truly inspiring. I have watched the first two episodes at least four times each, can't wait for the next one. I don't bother to watch Gardeners World anymore. Prefer Carol Klein and Sarah Raven.


Loving the new show, Carol is an inspiration and a font of knowledge. Glad Carol is still in favour with the BBC, find it ridiculous to lose Toby and Alys they were a breath of fresh air. Sorry but Monty Don is not for me.
I have been watching Carol for years, and I must admit I never really enjoyed what she has presented in the past on gardeners world, until this series. I've had a complete change of heart. I agree with other viewers in two programs I have learn an enormous amount. I’m very impressed! Nice to be out of the remedial class, back to the grown up world for gardening.
Carol is the next best presenter after Alan Titchmarsh. I still feel she would have made a better presenter for Gardeners World than Toby and Alys. I have stopped watching it for although the programme has to cater for beginners as well as for us more experienced gardeners, the way they put it across is patronising and childish.
I do like watching GW but want to slap the camera man. I dont care about the arty shots, just show me what they are doing with their hands. All that wobble on the screen, drives me crazy. Carol is an amazing lady, and everyone she chats to seems to want to share their knowledge with her. In my house no one is allowed to talk over when shes on the telly, Im trying to absorb as much advice as possible. More of her please BBC, pretty please.
At last a return to sanity and gardening for grown ups on Friday nights. Thank you Carol, I can't wait for the next programme - such an inspiration. Why doesn't the BBC recognise that there is scope for a beginners gardening programme - something with a format similar to the Gardening from Scratch with Helen Yemm - which was shown many years ago and was excellent for people just starting out.
A brilliant program, I am glued to the TV. More of Carol in her cottage garden please.
watching carol's series, it's back to the relaxed style of alan titchmarsh, only with glam. More informative and watchable, much more of a gardening programme than have been of late. Wonderful .
Carol has an affinity with her audience, something that some of her GW counterparts lack. Informative & inspiring; has made me march to the local garden centre and get cracking. Thank you Carol.
carols program from her own garden was brilliant full of info and down to earth I love her dogs and often have my 2 terriers with me in my garden Cant wait for this weeks edition
just like everyone else I love carols friday evening programme and along with my children eagerly awaited the clips that included her dogs, we would like to know what breed they are too, does anyone know?


I love Carol Klein. Met her at her home which she ran as a nursery years ago. This was long before she appeared on Gardeners World. She is a wealth of knowledge because she has so much experience. I for one would not like to see her head up Gardeners World because then she would have less time to do all the things in the garden that she still obviously enjoys and is willing to share with us so generously - Long may you continue Carol
I was also inspired by Carol's show, and having received my GW magazine this morning I am delighted at the news that Monty Don is returning to Gardeners' World, which will dovetail nicely with the end of Carol's series! Welcome back Monty!!
Thank you BBC and Carol for such joy on a Friday evening in Carol's garden complete with cute dogs and cat. Friendly, but knowledgeable. Wonderful to see a "real" person in true gardening clothes, and an inspiration for any ladies of a certain age who after all make up the majority of gardeners. Thank you, and more please.
Love your programmes Carol and your Borders (dogs!) Do they ever graze your plants? My collie cross has eaten nearly all my wallflowers, plus dead ferns, assorted herbs and grass. All this doesn't make her sick, in fact she's a healthy 12 year old and she has a shiny coat.
A perfect gardening programme. Carol's presentation; well, she's poetic! and there's virtually none of the usual BBC music which drowns out natural sounds, mostly we jest hear the sound of birds and the wind in the trees. I learn and enjoy at the same time. More like this please, BBC.