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Thank you for such a great programme, as always Carols energy and knowledge just enspires me. Glebe Cottage is a haven of plants, birds, dogs and bees, a gardeners paradise. I cant wait to start bringing my own garden to life. Thank you Carol.
I absolutely love this programme, what an inspiring person Carol is. Her warmth, realness and genuine love for the garden come across so well. I must admit I was a tepid gardener to start with, but she has inspired me with this series and doesn't mind showing us her failings, something i can relate to. She really is a pleasure to watch and the thirty minutes fly by because I am totally drawn in by her magic. The BBC has for the second time produced a programme of outstanding quality. I hope they are looking at how they can expand with this.
I visited Carol's garden some time ago - what a treat. My daughter and her garden appeared in one of the BBC Open Gardens programmes with Carol and we were very sorry when filming finished. She is such a genuine, enthusiastic gardener and we are loving her new programme but wish it was on longer. She always remembers us when we see her at Tatton Flower Show.
Oh I love Carol Klein how she works in the garden is magical. But!!!!!! I liv in Sweden and can not get the BBC programmes here. Ohhhh how I wish that TV bosses would think a bit more global. The world is getting smaller I here evereone say but not in TV LAND


Hi Anna, maybe they have a podcast on the internet, worth lookin into, Carol Kline,is fab!!!Mush checl out if she is still on Carol gives great tips, keep up the good work Carol
I just love Carol! Her new series is a must see. She is so watchable and I just love the fact that she explains everything in simple terms for the not-so-expert gardeners among us. Her gardening passion and enthusiasm is infectious!
What else can I say than keep going on Carol. The program brings me tears of joy, your garden looks stunning! And also the camera does a wonderful job. My friends and me are looking forward to the program every Friday.
The wonderful,passionate,and inspirational gardner is back with avengence .....welcome home Carol! Oh how I love Fridays !!
There I was at the gym watching an attractive lady showing us the beautiful plants and she had only painted one hand with pink nail varnish and had forgotten the other. I then forgot about the plants.
Please let carol Know this is the best gardening prog. I love it and love her joy in all she does, Did not like the last gardeners world at all, not for real gardeners too mush money spent on plants please much more of Carol
Well done to Carol - the spirit of Geoff Hamilton, the infectious enthusiasm and humour of Alan Titchmarsh. Carol's programme is excellent. She should be Gardeners World lead presenter. I could even watch her plant veg, she would make them a darn sight more interesting than the awful Monty Don preaching at us
Best programme of the year. I settle down on a Friday night with recorder on to watch this fantastic programme. She dosen't mind getting her hands dirty ( not like some )and I have always learnt something by the time the programme has finished, hope this isn't the last we see of her.
Having read Carol's book, Life in a cottage Garden and finding she has 7 Cercidiphyllum Japonicum trees I would love to know if her soil is neutral or acid. I would love to plant one in my garden but I am on neutral soil. Help anyone. Thoroughly enjoyed the book.
What a breath of fresh air Carol's programme is. I have learned more about gardening,than watching a whole series of Gardeners World. She is so down to earth and practical in what she does. More from you Carol please.


I just love Carol's enthusiasm, she made me want to get up and start clearing winter rubbish and I have now got a lot done. Why cant we have more of her on Gardeners World? I liked Toby on the programme, why did we have to change?
Carol's new programme is a joy - I love the fact that she is a down to earth gardener, scruffy clothes, broken nails and all - it's what normal people look like when they are gardening. Her two dogs are a delight (what breed) and add to the normalness of it all. She makes you want to get out and get on.
i can,t wait for friday night to come i love carol klein,s new series and it makes my weekend and gets me in the garden i have health problem but i still go in the garden i love her enthusium and she makes you beleive that gardening is for anyone .this year i am going to grow a lot of things from seed and thats because she makes it look easy and i have got a greenhouse so i am going to make the most of it i wish the programme was on for longer .i hope she does more programmes
Don't forget that Carol is still part of GW programmes so she'll still be on the progamme, must addmitt I like Monty as well. so having them both on GW great.