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Its so nice to watch a well presented gardening programme in winter, now I feel I'm just itching to get back into the garden - roll on spring!
what an inspiration to us all, Carol your drive, enthusiasm,honesty and passion really does come through my television screen and hits me in the face-i can only aliken your programme to a bright spring morning in what has been an awfull winter.--absolutely fantastic !
thumbs up from a gardener in Romania. Carol is the best and this show is realy what one needs on winter days. i just love the way she shows her love of plants and gardens.


loved it, loved it, loved it Carol is what i would call a real gardener dirty hands and all, so enthusiastic which is very contagious. Lets have more gardening programmes BBC which would encourage us out into our own gardens, helping us keep fit and getting us away from the couch!!!!
Fantastic series and an absolute joy to watch ! Carol is a natural presenter and her enthusiam is infectious.I wish the series was for 26 weeks instead of 6. I hope carol will be allowed to take a more prominant role with Ffriday nights wont be the same when her series ends.
I'm also very glad that Carol is on tv on a Friday night as it more than makes up for the temporary (I hope) loss of Gareners World. Toby has come into his own since taking over from Monty, but the additions of Carol, Alys and Joe all make it a fab program and very knowledgeable. Very much enjoying Carol's programme in her own garden, and I love her enthusiasm. Please let none of you stop as I can't drink my bottle of red wine on the sofa without you all!! :-)
So heartening to see so many appreciative comments above. We have loved every minute of Carol's Cottage Garden. It has been a superb series and Carol's sheer hard work and love of all she does inspires us no end. Absolutely loved the book too, but missed a few photos of Silvester. Your Lakeland Terriers? was gorgeous too. With Monty, Rachael and Carol in Gardeners' World soon - can't wait!!
What a great program. I can't remember when i have enjoyed a garden series so much. Carol inspires with her enthusiasm and joy in everything she does. I have felt inspired to re-design my garden thanks to Carol. More of the same please.
A big thank you to Carol, her programme is just magical. Her enthusiasum is so inspirational, I was out in my own greenhouse at 7.0am today planting seeds.
Please, please bring out a dvd of this wonderful programme. I lost my satelite signal because of stormy weather last night and missed the final episode. Not only is it a very informative gardening programme to enthuse non-gardeners but it is one of the most calming and relaxing programmes I have watched in ages! Thank you
Forthcoming Fridays will not be the same without my weekly dose of Carol Klein’s passion for gardening. The BBC need to take heed – this is what viewers want, not the overtly contrived staged presentation from other gardening celebs like Monty Don and co. Gardeners world was a favourite but that’s long gone! Carol brings life to everything, she’s such an inspiration, a story-teller with many a chapter to reveal. More, more please!
I loved Carols life in a cottage garden. As a dog lover I would love to know what type of dogs does she keep and were can I get one ?
What a wonderful series. I have the book but could we also have this on a D.V.D please ?


Stunning book - so well written - evocative, informative and truly inspiring. I'll take more time to consider what's going on around me when I'm gardening too now. Yes, a DVD would be great! She is 'simply the best' gardener on the box! Simples!
I would just like to say how muched we , that is myself and my husband who is'nt much of a gardener, loved Carole's pragramme, she is just the Best, so down to earth, loved it! When will she be back?
I would just like to say how much we , that is myself and my husband who is'nt much of a gardener, loved Carole's pragramme, she is just the Best, so down to earth, loved it! When will she be back?
I see from Carol's series that she uses grit whenever she sets seeds and plants. What sort of grit does she use?
Thank you, Carol - you managed to both inspire and calm me at the end of busy week. You're up there with Monty. More, please.