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It has been an absolute joy to watch Carol Klein in her beautiful cottage garden. She genuinely enjoys gardening and is an inspiration to us all. I wish I had her as a neighbour because it would be wonderful to be gardening with Carol on the other side of the fence. Thank you for a wonderful series and I look forward to seeing you back on television in the near future.
Thank you, Carol, for your latest series on the BBC. It was totally inspiring and has left a big hole in my Friday nights! Coming from South Devon and now living in Berkshire it is a joy to see such a beautiful Devon garden in the different seasons. I would love to visit or come on your morning course but as I work in a school I am unable to take time off in term time. Many thanks and best wishes. Jean Eaton
Thank you Carol for being such an inspiration. Your programmes were/are wonderful. I've bought your books Life in a Cottage Garden, and Grow Your Own Garden, and they are inspirational too. My husband always used to look after the garden and when he died I was almost overwhelmed, not knowing what I was doing or how to keep it all going. I wish you'd made your programmes earlier but now, thanks to you, and the late, great Christopher Lloyd whose garden at Great Dixter is fabulous, I just feel grateful to have a garden and the chance to grow things. By the way, in Carol's book she says that her little dog Fleur, and Fleur's puppy, Fifi, who we saw in the tv series, are 'probably' Lakeland Terriers. They look as if they've found a very good home.
Hi Carol Klein, I wonder if it would be possible to visit your garden. I do not know any other way to contact you as I do not know twitter and blog and those things, I do e-mail and skype but no face book and things. I would love to visit your garden with my lovely friend,lovely just your husband Neil. I might ask to much to see your garden but that would be lovely. Kind Regards Kristina
Hi Carol just thought you would like to know that after watching your Cottage Garden the January February one. I went into my garden one very cold crisp morning as I was inspired to take out a very large Japenese anenome and after seeing you move enormous clumps I thought 'I can do that' and I did!It just lifted so easily out of the wet ground, after trying several times (admitedly in the better weather) So thank you for your pracitcal help


Carol's programme was a tonic! With a glass of red wine in hand I learned so much and forgot all about everything but plants and gardens - just what was needed. Thank-you Carol. BBC - can we have a DVD of this wonderful series PLEASE. Carol - if you were given the choice of all Helenium varieties which would you choose and what would you grow with them?
Carol Klein has really inspired us this week. She delivers such an honest programme. We we so glad her garden suffered in the winter just as ours has! It's a change to see a real gardener who gets stuck in, we cannot believe her age! She is the best gardening presenter we have ever seen.Well done Carol.
carol you shuld of got the job of being the gardenersworld prsenter anyway i have got an allotment in northwood kirkbys comunity allotments nr liverpool and i have one plot with veg and the other with plants and a pond which has been in the gardenersworld mag and i love your show i lernt alot by it i am made up that gardenersworld is back on tv and your in it i planted all my veg seeds and i split my plants like you done on tv id love you to see it. it is not a big allotment but it is geting better you have inspired us as well if you are ever pasin call in you will allways be wellcome the allotments are on roughwood drive northwood kirkby nr liverpool
i agree with all the comments made about Carol Kline.can we have more of her on the TV please. i do feel that i would like to give her a pair of good gardening glove ( those poor nails & hands). I did love the idea of potting daffs and tulips in containers and moving them to were they look best. this is what i have done this spring but i dont remember what to do after they have died down. can any one help. i get the ngs gardening book every year so hope to make a visit to her garden this year.her garden is open only for one day wednesday 7th septmber (2-5). king regards pam & susie the cat.
I think that Carol is one of the best gardener's this country has got,and she is not on television enough.Nothing seems to phase her! If only they younger generation had her get up and go!!
Carol Klein recommended Erysimum 'John Codrington'. As an avid collector of Erysimum I would like to add this to my collection. I cannot find anybody who sells this plant. Help, please!!
I wish you would name the flowers in your gardening programmes as you had a lovely white one on a stem like a hollyhock which i want to buy
I would loke to ask why my Oriental Poppies are flowering again in September?(Pattie's Plum)Thank you Irene.


I watched "Gardeners World" last night, and I so admired your scarf. I wondered if you could tell me what the wool was. I know this is not a gardening question, but I do always enjoy your part of the programme.
We have just watched Life in a Cottage Garden on TV in New Zealand where we have migrated from Somerset. Carol Klein is so full of enthusiam and information. Even 12000 miles away in the South Pacific the series is still very useful and inspiring. Thanks Carol!
Carol Klein makes gardening entertaining and interesting with her personality and knowledge. It's a shame that she has to close her plant nursery but hopefully the pompous prat who plans to use it for a vegetable plot will find his yields very poor and serve him jolly well right. Tony B
Hi Carol I brought 12 Hellebores 2 years ago from Hayloft by post.But each time they have black and brown marks on the leaves and the all fall off. Even though I have repotted them up. I have three left now and they have tiny new shoots coming up. Your help please. I hate to give up on them.Thanks Sheila Wilson. Great to have gardeners world back on.