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It makes a wonderful change to have an inspiring gardening programme back on the tv. which has been sadly lacking the past couple of year with Gardner's World being so basic how to dig a hole to plant...over and over again. I love Carol's enthusiasum and your always learn something different.
I know exactly what you mean but ventured out this afternoon really enjoyed a couple of hours out doors
if only this blasted snow would go away, then I might get out in mine too - mind you, it's raining very heavily just now, so hopefully will wash away the last of it ...
I learn more in Carol's programme than in a whole series of Garener's World. So inspiring too.


Really annoyed I missed Carols first programme as like other gardeners I find her very informative and hope there will be a repeat of the series. I have now made sure I wont miss the rest by recording the series. Maybe the powers that be will realise we are not all beginners and need a programme like hers for more advanced info, although I would have saved a lot of money if this type of info had been around when I first started my garden.
Hello Margaret, you can catch up on the first episode on the iPlayer:
I do love Carol's approach to gardening she is so enthused it's infectious, I just want to get out there spade, pruners and lopers, I've recently inherited a very unloved garden, which is in need of some inspirational ideas, keep up the good work Carol, more major pruning tips would be great!
I'm doing most of the things Carol was talking about and am full of admiration for the way she can work and commentate at the same time. Pruning my Clematis montana was easier now I know how - they don't half run away from you when your back is turned! It's quite true, BBC, now the majority of gardeners are in the older age group, we have been at it some time but are wise enough to know there is so much to learn about gardening we can all learn something from people like Carol. So more broadcasting time is needed to satisfy the oldies. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series from Carol's garden.
This was a wonderful start to the new gardening year and long anticipated by myself and my family. I'm not an older generation gardener but have grown up watching the older generations pass on their knowledge. I have an endless amount of repsect for Carol and some of her peers who certainly brighten our gardening lives at the same time as teaching us. Thankyou
Really enjoyed the first episode and looking forward to seeing how Carol's garden progresses during the year in the upcoming episodes. Love her enthusiasm and she imparts the information on a level that is easily understood.
Watched it!!! Loved it!!!! I'm sorry!!! Loved Toby, Aly's n Joe this last year!!! Love Monty n Racheal too!!! But to me there is only one person to take over at Gardeners World and it as to be Carol!!! Her plantsmanship is impeccable, and her infectious enthusiasm as to be appluade!!!!
I've just watched it on i-player, it was brilliant. Gardeners World is fine if you've just got yourself a new garden and haven't a clue, but this was a program for the rest of us gardeners out there. The ones who have watched their garden flourish over many years and are now concerned with maintaining it, moving things that have outgrown their original space, dividing and propogating. I'm so glad Carol is presenting this, she's a gal after my own heart (since I wouldn't allow my other half at the top of the ladder doing the important stuff either) please BBC don't ever let her go!
Oh Carol Welcome back, for me your joy of doing even the menial back breaking jobs makes us all want to get started, putting our own gardens in order. I now look forward to Friday evenings again and watching your garden grow and to learn from one who really does not mind getting her hands stuck into the soil. A real informative gardening programme.
I loved the programme and your others.I shall be getting a new greenhouse in the summer so your advice is so welcome. Why cant Toby and Alys have a seriies of programmes like yours so that we are not deprived of them as well? I will be giving gw a miss if they are not on.


I would just like to say how much I enjoyed Carol's programme on Friday, it just goes to show you can garden in all weathers, if you're wrapped up well, I myself is looking forward to getting out into the garden, but only when all this snow has gone, up here in scotland the weather is so cold and frosty.
Like others I watched and thoroughly enjoyed the first programme, and am really looking forward to the rest of the series. My only wish was that the programme was longer! I always find Carol interesting and her enthusiasm for gardening so infectious. Carol - if only I could fit a potting shed into my little garden, like you, I would be out there long after the daylight hours had passed!!
hi carol, i have been asked to do over a garden at mt school were i work for the kids,the garden is in a wooded area so we have alot of birds but it is the kids garden, we would like to grow veg we did this last year and the kids loved it so i was thinking to go bigger this year can you help ..
Our cas did the twin scaling at colege ast year,as part of our RHS level 3 Hort. All of mine came out perfect Which I was more than a bit chuffed with,as I had never done it before.Now I have the knowhow,the next step is to do loads of propagating Aliums,especially Allium'Globemaster'. very expensive for just one bulb,but If I am successful then it wil be worth the money!! Fingers crossed!!
What a pleasure last Friday to watch the first of Carol's new series. Contrary to the effect it had on Sam Wollaston in his review in the'Guardian'(what a meanie) I find her enthusiam and knowledge so infectious that I can't wait to get out there and get on with it. She's a great inspiration.