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Hi everybody. My cat can take or leave catmint but I have continued to grow it in a pot on the front door step because the flowers are so pretty. My question is - has anybody observed cockroaches hanging around their catmint? Because I have found them underneath the pot. I'm not just curious, i am also a little worried as I don't want these things coming onto the house. Any ideas anybody?
thanks for the tip about hanging baskets....i've just planted two catmint plants and my cat has gone crazy so will try to save them with this trick before they get ruined!
I have no objection to people satisfying their strange needs by 'keeping' cats. I just wish they would take the trouble to train them to use litter trays and not other people's gardens. I am heartily sick of my plants being ruined with cat spray and other mess.
I agree @trainyrcat but cats do what they want! I dont like that cats crap in the neighbours garden, i think cat owners should mentally send that message to their cats that they dont want them to foul other peoples property as my cat, so far as i know, goes into a nearby field to do his thing! He used to use my pot plants when he was younger lol little pest! But i love him, I am truly greatful for the upturned hanging basket idea as ive just purchased a catmint which i keep in the greenhouse for now, and it explains why my neighbours cat Thomas has decided to keep coming into my garden all though i have a dog? Hummm, That stuff must be strong! <3 <3 <3
Get one of those covered litter tray with the swinging doors (hinged at the top like a cat flap) and place in garden. Our cat uses one and some of our visiting felines also, keeping their mess to a minimum. Still doesn't guarantee our cat doesn't poop in the neighbouring gardens, but at least we've done all we can to prevent it.


we have just had our cat put to sleep as he was quite ill with cancer, he was 16, every morning for 2 weeks before he died he went out and had one or two mouthfuls of cat mint before he would eat his small amount of breakfast, I can only assume it has medicanal connections.
I live in China and finally found catmint for my furry friend... but he isn't interested in it at all. A couple of sniffs, then he ignored it completely. Asked my friend who is a veterinary professor about it, and he said that , off the top of his head, he had heard that about 20% of cats don't react to it. Not that this comment is of great value to the discussion, but interesting.
The planet needs fewer people like Thorrum. I have six cats (including 4 barn cats who have come in from the cold)and they very rarely stalk birds, mostly keeping the barn free of mice and rats - which distresses me as I don't mind them in my barn. The cats also come indoors to use their cat loo!! This spring, the farmers up the road ripped out their hedgerows which were replaced with barbed wire. This during the breeding season which is illegal, but do they care? Hell no - they do just what they want, and my garden birds are severely reduced in number. Used to be 30 pairs of greenfinches, now not one to be seen. The farmers kill more wildlife than any number of cats! "The country safe in their hands"? Don't make me laugh!!!
Sad to say, there are plenty of times I feel ashamed to be a human, we do far more damage to nature, the planet and just about every living thing, than anything else. What's that about people in glasshouses not throwing stones? Many humans kill for pure pleasure. That IS worrying!
I'd love some advice on this too, am about to adopt a cat and am aware my houseplants and garden may take a bashing, heard that catmint and cat grass is the way forward, anymore advice?!
i have 6 cats and have bought another lot of cat mint plants, what a brill idea covering it with a wire hanging basket. i think we have an old wire supermarket basket which will also do the trick... my cats just go loopy when they have had a goog roll around in it.

My 12 year old cat discoverd valerian root the other day, after OH bought some valerian root herbal tea to help he get to sleep. The cat kept trying to lick the cup, so we poured out some into a saucer. The cat rolled her neck fur and ears in the saucer, then rolled about on the floor, eyes as black as coal. Very unlike her. She is normally very  sedate and dignified.  Hilarious to watch.

Googled and found that although it is a sedative for humans, valerian root is a stimulant for cats, just like catmint. 

I've had to put my catmint in a hanging basket - along with the Valerian and catnip. They love it - it's like LSD for them. Some go silly, some get violent, and others get really stoned. It's good to make toys out of once it has been dried out.
Just bought some cat mint and my cats immediately lept on it! One started rubbing it on like he was having a shower and the other started eating it! I think they have been deprived! I better get lots more, they obviously love it!! it mightnlure them off the veg patch!

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