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Franco, I'm sure the feeling is reciprocated by all the delightful moggies!! Hee-hee. Let's live and let live, shall we?
cat's don't like citrus peel but love bare earth especially without netting ,sticks ,cat pepper,sonic gadgets,dog smells too! Nicely put Emily :-)
Even though I hate them I will tolerate cats today. I am in a very happy mood because my brother's wife has given birth to a beautiful baby girl this morning. So, moggies, enjoy the amnesty for today :) :) :)


Congratulations Chrissie. Can I suggest Cat-arina or Kitty for a name? So pleased for you and your brother and every best wish to your new neice. E. xx
Thank you. My brother sent me some pics to my phone. She is beautiful!! Can't wait to go & see them & give her a cuddle. I like the names, Emily. Really made me chuckle :)
I think we have just about done this subject to death. Congrats on the baby but never never say foxes are not destructive. My neighbour came down one morning to find all 17 of her chicken lined up against the wire with their heads bitten off.Only one was taken. I wonder if as much fuss is made of bird and squirrel poo. I agree with Emily about live and let live or do you feel that anyone who upsets you should also be shot?
I have found that Prika-Strips along my fence tops have stopped my neighbours Tom cat from coming into our garden. I bought them off ebay and it took minutes to attach them with small nails(you can also use screws if preffered) along the top edges of all of my fences,job done! You could also attach them to fence & gate top edges. They are strips of plastic spikes, once the cat, or even fox maybe, in question has tried to land on the fence top to jump on & over well i think it's self explanatory. I also have(had),fox & badger probs in my large garden,so i have left their self dug hole under my hedge & bought a sonic fox scarer & aimed it at it-worked wonderfully,no more dug up lawn or stinkey fox poo. Had to be done as my garden was fast being taken over by them big time. But no actual harm done, we have our garden back as a nice place to sit in minus the tom cat pee smells which were truly awful and the fox poo's which our dog loved to roll on & no more huge badger dug up caverns,plants etc. I've planted a new shrub in front of the hole to disguise it but have left it there in case they decide to excavate another way in instead, to keep the said hole where i know it is. Mens pee sprinkled around your gardens perimeter also works re bagders especially. I used to get my hubby to pee into a well washed & rinsed out 4 pint plastic milk bottle, but when it rains you may have to do it again. It really works, though it has to be a mans pee re the correct pheromones etc to be present. I love wild life but when it becomes a nuisance factor within my own garden i reserve the right to control it. Foxes will attack & take both young inexpereinced & elderly cats. My vet has warned me that now my cats are elderly not to leave them outdoors on a warm summers night, as they are toothless now really & not as alert or as quick to move should they need to. My dog refused to go down to the bottom of our garden after dark if the badgers were out & about, but now since we have got the scarer in place he will venture further, until he activates it & then he runs indoors quite smartly as he doesn't like the high pitched whistles it emits-proves it works anyway. It's battery operated with an optional mains wire & plug, but it's been happily doing its thing for us for a month now on the same batteries. You can see the little red light blinking as it activates against anything warm blooded,we can't hear it unless we press the button to check it. Wonderful invention.
Foxes will attack any cat,they may not always be successful.I have known many friends cats that have been beaten up or ripped open, one had to have 1oo stitches If you value your cat you should try to keep it in at night.Many cats dissapear and i think foxes take a lot of these. Cats are wonderful companions for many elderly or lonely people so although i do feel for you gardeners out there please deter rather than hurt the cats that come into your garden they are very precious to someone and you cant stop them from roaming.Live and let live, you may not be perfect.
I feel the answer is to befriend the cat and when you've spent a fortune controlling the activities of someone else's pet, shave your phone number in the cat's side and I guarantee the owner will call as soon as the cat gets home. You can then both laugh about it and discuss where to deliver the shoe-box full of receipts for cat-deterrants.. Meanwhile back in the real world this debate will rage on as long as people keep cats as pets. Perhaps a cat-tax that funds local wildlife projects would help relations?
My cats use my garden to do their business and not the neighbours gardens. I haven't trained them to do it as such, but I did dig them a nice patch of soil and put a little 'used' cat litter onto it to give them the idea of using that particular place. Even my stray cat I took in used this on his first time outside. There are a few people in the street where I live that will kick a cat if they see it somewhat putting one foot onto a driveway, they don't even try to shoo or scare it away first. There is a fox that comes onto my allotment though - I leave water out for her (I've been told it is definitely a her by the old guys there). She doesn't do much damage other than leaving footprints for me to find, we're not allowed any livestock on our allotments so there's nothing for them to kill. I know that a fox will kill all the chickens in a coop but only take one away with them but according to some family members who either grew up in a farming environment or still are, the fox kills them all because the chickens can't get away and the fox suddenly has a lot of prey. Think of a cat trying to catch birds on a bird table - cat jumps towards the intended bird and the other fly away, put the cat into a cage of birds and it may well kill all the birds even if it was originally only intent on killing one of them. This is how it was explained to me anyway whether the fox would kill all the chickens if they could get away as easily as birds on a table I don't know. There's also cats that come onto the allotments - they catch mice and the like and to date I've not found 1 piece of poop deposited on my freshly dug beds at all, the worst offenders of poop are the dogs that some of the owners seem to think they can let roam around when they think there's nobody else there.
Chrissie get a blaster water gun and they soon learn. For foxes get a male (human kind) to urinate along your borders. Preferably when it is dark or save it and use a watering can.


I almost ran over the local fox the other evening. It ran right out in front of my car! Mind, it's looking old & manky so I wonder if it's coming to the end of its days. I have made it difficult for the neighbours' cats to walk across my fence-I have hammered nails all across it close together. And I keep a plastic bottle full of water so that if they do try to cross the fence & jump into my garden I splash some water at them. Plus I bought this garlic powder stuff in Wilkinsons. Is very pungent. Even if it has no effect on the local moggies at least I know I'm safe from vampires :)
after reading this blog, it seems to me that only a sonic device is useful in combating the fox problem. Any suggestions which brand etc gives 100% results
Cats are instinctive as are all animals ,we humans are the conniving ones,trouble is we think animals are like humans,when realy we could learn alot from animals if we care to observe! I used to hate ,but now I love!my moggie has saved me because if i diddn't have him to look after where would I be only I know the debt of gratitude I owe him,he is totaly oblivious and that's how it should be :-)
I had a friend with the same cat poo problem so every time it pood she put it on a spade and threw it back over the fence to the owner so try that. Cat owners are the same as dog owners - their pets can poo anywhere they like but not on their patch so just keep returning it.
I have noticed that cats donot like my garden to poo in, because I have been taken over by brambles, nettles and dandelions. I was unable to attend to the weeding last year.