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I could'nt agree more Juliemay. I found a bottle of green gel called keep out or stay away for my garden, the cats hated it. I used to put some down every few days and it worked, I got it in Wilkinsons, great stuff. Since I started putting alpine stones in my borders the cats don't mess in them anymore because they don't like the sharp stones on there paws, but they now mess on the lawn. I also get the foxes and they mess everywhere and dig out my pots. I have started getting a couple of sparrowhawks in the garden, but they kill to survive, the cats kill for fun. There is another gadget, it looks like a loud halla but smaller, it has two settings on it, one for scarring the cats and one to stop dogs barking, B&Q sell them, I don't know how good they are but I'm willing to try anything once, I think there about £10.00 pounds, not much if it works, hope that is of some help.
most cat owners have one because they want a pet but not the responsibility, cats dont need humans to survive, and can be left alone for long periods. why dont they have to clean up after them like dog owners have to, i have a water sprayer that senses movement, its great, the cats hate it and most stay away from my garden, buy a cat buy a collar with a bell and take some responsibility, if you do the above then you should not be offended, if you are so be it
erm, could it be that cat's bury their doings and arent on leads with a human 4 feet away from them, whereas dogs just squat in the middle of the pavement while their owners stand thier watching before walking off? Well not all, but most around B'ham do! Irregardless, you cant clean up a cat's mess if it's (a) buried and (b) you're n not actually there when it does it!
I was given some old badmington nets which I've hung from the top of my wooden fence. I find the cats don't like the loose drape. Because it is harder for them to get out they tend not to come in. My neighbour has five cats. They were catching Redwing and leaving them on the path last winter. I must admit they would be top of my list for a Room 101.
I HATE cats, I cannot bear them near me and I do my nut every time I go out into my garden to find one has used my freshly dug soil as a toilet. Pepper, curry powder and other cat deterents have proved useless. They are cruel, they play with their prey rather than kill it outright. Personally I could not physically harm one despite my murderous thoughts but I do shoo them off with a hiss. That usually works save for one Tabby whom I am sure comes just for a chase. He will not budge and stares me out until I literally open my door to chase him. He inspires a grudging admiration from me, but I do not want him or his kind in my garden.


We have a cat scarer on the shed wall which has for the last ten years kept cats away from the pond, so the fish, frogs, toads and newts are all safe. Our dog who is now twelve, but still active chases cats away and squirrels, but not birds - he also enjoys touching the frogs with his nose when they sit on the edge of the pond - this makes them leap into the pond with a big splash...come to that the grandchildren like to watch this event too, and sometimes there are getting on for thirty frogs. I loathe cats. The old cat (thankfully no more) came into our garden attacked my son, and when my dog protected my son, the cat turned on him leaving a claw in his back, but at least my son was unharmed. The area on the dogs back never healed, it would occasionally swell up and exude pus. Even a lion will leave animals it eats alone if it is not hungry, but a cat will still maul it or play with it, and I don't care what anyone says, this is not 'natural' if cats were human they would be in prison for cruelty. People have cats because they don't want the responsibility of a dog. The folk in this area with dogs, clear up after them. It is not the cats at fault like it is not the dogs that are at fault it is the owners...there are a few responsible cat owners, but they are few and far between, it is the irresponsible ones who get cats a bad name.
"If cats were human"??? Christ almighty, is this really the level this discussion has descended to? By that reasoning why don't we just exterminate every single living creature on earth simply because they aren't humans, haven't been to a Swiss Finishing School and just don't know how to behave like homo-sapiens? (After all, just look at all the good we’ve done to the world!!!???)
I hate the ginger tom who thinks my garden is his toilet area. On the grass in the flower beds he thinks its all his to do as he likes on it. Has anyone got a good deterent for me to try, of course, it has to be humane?? or does it??? I just want rid of the obnoxious little beast. Sorry to all cat lovers but as I don't have a cat, I don't want their mess either.
I also hate cats but as an animal lover would never harm one. They kill when the are not hungry and ad for covering their poo it then means that you can stick your hand in the soil when gardening and stick it in poo. Not nice. Nobody mentioned the horrible noise they make at night when threatening each other before a fight. I bought a cat scarer that is recommended by the RSPB and that works for me. However, I don't see why I should have to pay to keep someone else's pet out of my garden. But then it is similar to a burglar alarm. The world is not perfect but different people are incensed by different things. I know there are a lot of cat haters. Perhaps they should have a licence fee of £100 which expires after 1 day!!!!
to cat claws... good suggestion, I was told in the local garage that one should also use that method on the dastardly merecats they are now giving out! ha ha. I am now making my own cat repellent using lavender oil, path cleaner containing acid and water. Shake it all up and spray it on all the places the blasted cats can enter your property. Also trying cutting up oranges and lemons and sprigs of holly in the flower borders. I will let you know if it works.
My Cat is part of my garden workforce ( it is a large wild life garden with wild areas small lake etc) I am beseiged by vermin Rabbits & Rats love my garden but i dont love them! we put up nest boxes and feed the birds, hedghog homes etc. My Cat keep the rabit population to a level i can toletate - Just and they rarely come in the veg garden since i got her. i have not seen a rat after having her for three months. and yes she does take the occasional bird but she seems to prefer dare i say it babby rabbits. and odley she has two areas that she returns to to use as a litter tray both occasionaly replenished with cat litter - which she seems to like. Watch what the cat actualy does ! not what you think she might do ! the pigeons wont steal your cabbages again !
Exactly,justaboutenough. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a person who has no one to talk to for weeks on end and is kept sane by the affection of their pet cat or dog. We have all seen old peoples' faces in a home light up when a friendly dog is brought in to visit. When I open my garden to an old peoples' group I am very pleased to allow a pet dog access as well as it is preferable to having its owner worry about it being left at home. All life is precious.
Please don't get the wrong idea. I do not criticise people who love dogs and cats.. but please keep them in your own property. Those of us who are not so keen on other people's pets using our property as a toilet are forced to protect their expensive lawns and flower borders, vegetable patch etc against the creatures whose owners seem only too glad to let them stray to annoy other people and do their business somewhere else!
Well justaboutenough not sad just annoyed to think that people that own cats don't seem to take responsibility for them like people with dogs. you obviously don't get cats craping in your garden, it's not nice and it stinks
You can't look after cats the way you look after dogs for heaven's sake - a cat is a CAT not a dog, they are not the same species! You might as well be anoyed hat cat onwers don't have their cats "swimming around in little glass bowls full of water like goldfish, where you can keep an eye on them?" Er, because they're not fish? It's not about some wanton act of owner irresponsibility being the cause of a cat climbing up a fence or hiding in the undergrowth, or covering its crap up (instead of proudly displaying it in the middle of the pavement I might add) it's aout BIOLOGY!


Yes,it is biology, but also a financial problem. Really poor people cannot afford to keep a pet of any kind. Really rich people have acres of grounds of their own so the cat has a large garden to roam in and a paid gardener to shew it off prized parts of the garden. The so called squeezed middle has a small garden and has to go out to work for long hours so the cat has free rein of the neighbourhood. You seldom see a Siamese or pure bred Persian cat roaming usually just moggies. Tolerance on both sides helps and being thankful that we only have the domesticated cat to contend with in GB nowadays. You should see the stuffed Scottish wildcat in Dunfermline museum! And some villagers abroad have to keep their children safe from tigers! The sight of a lioness tearing apart a wildebeast carcase in the Masai Mara has stayed vividly in my memory for 25 years. Be thankful we only have pet cats and the odd feral one.
still...cats are a problem and what makes it worse is the fact that certain owners of cats know and allow there cat to poo in other peoples garden while they just look no its not on,i have a dog if i wasnt to pick his poo up after hes done it i would soon have someone moaning at me. happymarion i am aware of people being on there own and the fact animals are good company etc for them,but really thats not the issue,the issue is a bit more consideration from cat owners. i have 3yr old twins and they often come indoors with cat poo on there hands and shoes and yet i dont have a cat my next door neighbour has a cat and she watches her cat come into my garden and uses it as a toilet ...thats what i think is wrong,im fed up with it so now im picking it up and putting it over her fence... if she cant be considerate well nor will i.
Just read the most recent blogs and I have to agree with you justaboutenough. Maybe the only solution is to dump the cat mess right back at the cat owners doorstep. A little bit of their own medicine may do them some good. If non cat owners do not have any other means of retalliation then its down to being nasty and thoughtless like the cat owners who should be more responsible for their cats!!!!
This was always going to be a slightly risky subject matter really, since there are so many cat lovers about... But at risk of offending them all, I do wish they would be a little more responsible and provide their cats with somewhere on their own property to use as their loo... It's never nice when, having spent hours tending the borders and keeping the lawn looking good, you go out into your lovingly tended garden to find that next doors kitty has had a party overnight at your expense. I have had several cats of my own by the way, and always provided them with adequate facilities to make sure they never bothered the neighbours! It just would be nice if others could do the same... I wonder how the owners would feel if we were to start going into their gardens at night and digging up their plants, crapping in the borders and killing all the wildlife? The excuse "That's what cats do" just doesn't wash I'm afraid... Your pet, your problem. Why should we have to put up with it? Given the right facilities and training there's no reason why a moggy should ever bother anyone else! I never had any complaints about my cats, its called responsibility! If you don't want the hassle, don't own a cat.