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Can anyone help explain, my work collegues and I are confused by a cherry tree near our office. It's quite a large mature tree covered with white flowers but with one branch of large 'knicker-pink' flowers. My bet is grafting gone a bit wrong but looking good.
As a student in America I visited Washington D.C. at cherry blossom time and was blown away by the beauty of it. The delicacy seemed just right for the plan of the city and its majestic buildings.
I am pleased to learn about the "fleeting beauty" thing - perhaps I knew about it and forgot ... we used to live in Tokyo and were dismayed that the blossoms seemed to appear and disappear within a very short period of time whereas the blossom in the UK seems to last for weeks .....
GreenThumbelina: Having also lived in Tokyo, I was also a little frustrated at the brevity of the blossom period. In Tokyo most of the trees seem to be of the same "Yoshino" variety; so they all bloom and fall at the same time. In England there seems to be more diversity of cherry which makes for a more drawn out season, though one that is at no point as spectacular as that in Japan. Happymarion: in case you don't already know, many of the cherry trees in Washington DC were a gift from the Japanese government.


Sanjuro-san, Arigato gozaimasu! Thank you for that information. It is very interesting. I recall that we loved hanami but I wondered whether it was simply because we loved Tokyo! My recollection of my hanami-experience is a little hazy due to sake-induced dementia ...
What is bacterial canker. My cherry tree has something like 'gum' oozing from the trunk and the leaves develop holes in the summer, curl and then fall off. Is there a cure.
This has been the best year for many for blossom on our aged wild cherry tree - but it never seems to have fruit - perhaps they are so high up the birds eat them before we can see them? Also the apple blossom is partucularly good this year too. Has anyone else found this?
Mary - this is the third year running the fruit blossom has been particularly good due, I believe, to the wet summer the year before. If we do not have a late frost to kill it before the fruit sets then we are in for a bumper harvest. The pollen on the willow trees was also very prolific so thousands of bumble bees were enticed into my garden - all good for the fruit crop.
franellis81: You can easily tell the edible cherries as they will be the ones that the birds eat before you get anywhere near them! All cherries are edible but some taste horrible.Probably the best fruiting variety is Stella that can be bought on dwarfing root stock so it does not grow too tall. You must net the tree to protect your crop.
Could someone be so kind as to tell me my why my cherryblossom (pink one) has so little flowers on it this year and last year also. It is in a southfacing site with little shelter from wind. Thank you.
the cherries on my tree all seem to be falling off before they are ready could this be a probllem with the tree?
Sidd: There will always be some loss as the tree rejects the weaker fruit and the ones it feels unable to bring to ripeness. You could also be losing them to birds and squirrels.
I have a couple of cherry fruit trees - one Stella, not sure what the other is but on both trees many of the ripening fruits have developed a blck spot about the size of a ladybird or a bit smaller. I have grown cherries very successfully before in a previous garden so am baffled by this black spot thing. Can anyone shed on light on what may be the cause. Many thanks


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Hi Guys n Gals I have Flowering cherry tree in my fron garden. Couple of questions really... Normally this tree flowers pink. All the cherry trees around here do. This year it has produced Masses of pure white flowers! Its the only one that has in 2 mile raduis. Any ideas why? The other question is that with the amount of fruit it produces every year... Is any of it edible? Thanks Tess
Is it correct that all cherries are nonpoisonous. I have a tree that looks very much like the pictures of Prunus cerasifera ‘Nigra’ and this yeaar it has an abundance of cherries but only a few seem to have been eaten as yet and Im not very brave a trying new things!
hi i have a cherry tree in garden dont know what colour the flowers are but fruit seems ready very ripe and soft but there are so many cherrys and im wondering if they are dodgy or not as there are many birds around here and the fruit hasnt been touched