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We bought and planted two Blueberry bushes last year which did very well. Does anyone know if they need pruning and if so how?
I have just bought 2 morello cherry trees from Wilkinsons, they were only £5 each. I am new to gardening and have an area that is a touch shady due to overhanging decidous trees that I would like to plant them in (south facing garden). Do you think they would be OK here?
My three year old morello cherry which I have fan trained on a north-east facing trellis had 12 delish cherries last year but this year it is absolutely laden! Its my pride and joy at the moment! We had the first pick tonight cooked in red wine and sugar mmmmmmm! I have ordered a sweet cherry Lapins on Gisela 5 root stock to plant in a new fruit cage. Thought I would train that on wires over the top of cordon red currants under which I have strawberries! I like to pack um in! Am I being over optimistic? Any tips much appreciated.
Hi All I need help with my dwarf morello cherry tree. When it arrived it and I planted it, it immediately started well, sprouting new leaves on each of the several branches. Soon though most of the leaves started to die off, apart from those on the main trunk of the tree going upwards, and some of those more central. These leaves have continued to grow, and now after 3 months or so, more leaves are forming on new branches. The other branches whose leaves died early on are still bare and dormant. Is this normal? What am I doing wrong? Its situated in a partial shady spot; I planted it in June just before it got really hot but I was watering well every day.


Hi Everyone Ten years ago I planted a Prunus Taihaku (Great White Cherry) and it has really taken off. It has devoured my lawn, nearby shrubs and is constantly looking around for more food. The tree is breathtakingly beautiful in spring but is a real pest the remainder of the year. I have pruned it drastically once or twice but it keeps coming back. Should I start tackling the roots and have you any suggestions as to what might grow under it? Please help! Thanks from Karen in Devon
hi all im just in the procces of getting my 1st allotment ,ive purchased a morrelo cherry tree,a granny smith tree a rasberry bush,a victoria plum tree,2 blackcurrant bushes,a blackberry bush and 2 redcurrants,can anyone give me any hints or tips about how to grow these succesfully,or the P H of the soil they need ,or well anything really
i have a morrelo cherry tree around 5ft with about a dozen branches,purchased from a garden center 4 years ago,fruited the first and second year well,last year buds only appeared from half way up each branch and not much fruit,this year i can see the buds appearing but only on the tips of the pranches,i give potash and fish blood and bone as food from around late feb,ther dont seam to be any silvery dead branches to cut back or ther has been no new groth of branches from purchasing,my main concern is only tip buds,can anyone advice please

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