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Watch what's being done around you - as I said before. Hey hoe, hey hoe! If weeds aren't allowed to grow they don't set seed so the seed don't germinate so they don't grow so they don't set seed so you don't get weeds ad infinitum. Except of course things like twitch/couch grass or nettles. In that case dig up the roots, use a fork, not a spade, because a spade cuts up the roots and every little bit will grow. Get out all the white or yellow bits you can, and burn them. Having said that,stinging nettle leaves are delicious, when lightly boiled 50/50 with spinach. They're full of iron, apparently!
with dock it is impossible to get up all the roots they are as thick as carrots and probly about 2.5 foot long!


It may take a couple of years, but dig out, as deeply as you can every bit of root you see. If and when new top growth appears, repeat. Incidentally, I reckon you mean "herbicides"
I am living in the mountains of southern Spain where we have heavy clay soil, hot, dry, summers, cold and wet winters. I have a drip feed watering system which I turn on morning and evening for 15 minutes or so. My potato crop has come along well and is flowering but I need to know when to harvest. Short of digging them up to investigate is there any sign I should look out for that they are ready?
it cant take me 2 years! loads of them-about 30 taken half of my plot up! plz give me solution-ANYTHING!! whats difference between herbicides and pesticides?
grew my tatties in the ground last year, and got lots of tasty but scabby potatoes so this year am growing in sacks. NOT the ones you can buy, I've utilised my giant empty compost sacks, they actuall hold more than most of the potato growing bags/sacks that you can get. I've used Swift this year for the first time and they seemto be doing well. Hopefully I'll be able to use them without peeling this year!
I have read nearly all these comments and not one has told me. WHEN DO YOU KNOW THAT IT'S TIME TO DIG THE SPUDS UP?
I agree with you - when do you know the spuds are ready once they have been in a while and grown up high with flowers on. Also do you pick the flowers off I thought I heard that you should do that!!
For a maximum crop, wait till the tops begin to die back, or are dead. If you can't wait, don't dig up a whole potato -- finger in the ground under the tops and there will be [hopefully]a few pots. big enough to eat, and probably lots of "golf balls" or smaller. Take the one or two from each pot. which are big enough to eat and leave the little 'uns to 'grow on'. No need to pick the flowers off! -- but for the uninitiated, if there's any 'green tomatoes'on the tops, don't eat them. you'll regret it if you do.


Hi advice please...? Am growing pots for the first time, an early variety. Until recently I had two rows of very healthy looking plants. Then one at the end of a row started turning a bit brown, not as severly as the potato blight pics I've found on here but it seems to have now spread right along one row and into my second. the first problem plants leaves are now turning yellow. Is this blight and if so can I fix this? Or is this a result of something I have/haven't done? Thanks
I have grown vegetables of all sorts for many years, and have recently been asked if I had ever taken seed potatoe from this years' crop to plant for next year, but left those seed potatoes outside 'to go green'. Has anyone heard of this happening and why is it done?
Can anyone help, my seed potatoes arrived late last year and the fool that I am stored them in the wrong place. I have very long white shoots, what should I do? Should I remove them and put them in the light to start chitting or should I just leave the long shoots and chit anyway.
Can I use Jeyes fluid to sterilise my soil in my greenhouse and if so how do I do it.
I don't believe I have seen this said in such an informative way before. You actually have made this so much clearer for me. Thank you!