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i have never seen such prevaracation. a simple questuion "when do I harvest my potatoes?" should have been given a clear answer instead of all this drivel. so when do i harvest my potatoes?
I have little green under ripe totmato looking things hanging off my potato plants; what are they and what can or should I do with them?
I dig my potato's up when I see the plant dying back or wilting. I also pinch out any flowering or seed (Green tomato).I only water when its quite dry or its warm weather as they don't like cold wet conditions.I'm using Duke of York first early this year which I have chitted. Although last year my cupboard sprouting potato were planted and had very good clean crop, these were well spaced and abt 12" deep for good size potato. If you plant shallow and close you are suppose to get a heavier crop.Plant further apart for larger potato's, I'm trying both methods this year. good luck all, enjoy.


It may have helped if I knew what country you were in as I'm sure our winter in New Zealand is different to yours where ever you are
we have grown potatoes on our allotment for 3 yrs now. we have rotated the crops, and used horse manure during winter digging. but the potatoes are always small. One year was very wet, the next was very dry. we like to grow them organically. what else can we do to make them a better crop. we use desiree late crop, and pentland javalin for early crop. can they be planted closer than the books recommend.
When do i start chitting my early potatoes??

Simple answer to a simple question Patrick - in the UK now!

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