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Ha ha, I feel for your plight! I just got my very own allotment and at first I thought it was huge! but now i think I'll be needing another to fit in all the veg I want to grow!
You can order quite a few Vegetable and seed catalogues completely free from a website called
I've clearly gone about this all the wrong way. We moved house a year ago and dug in a small veg plot earlier this year. We grew courgettes, sweetcorn, tomatoes and carrots. There's no way we can go back to supermarket veg. I then got carried away and bought about 30-40 packets of seeds in a garden store sale. I'm now desperately trying to redesign my corner plot to fit them all in - it's currently grass and borders. I have no idea where to start! All I've managed to do is set up a spreadsheet so I can record which varieties work and taste good!
Over the last few months Pippa has done a series of trials on various vegetables and gives her personal rating on each variety. Does anyone know whether this information (or a summary) is available online so that I can download it and refer to it when I come to select my varieties in future years?
could someone please tell me the best first early potato to grow that has a waxy consistancy to it? I grew some for the first time about four years ago and being the effeciant new gardener discarded the lable, only to forget the name. your help would be appreciated.


Having recently moved to a bungalow with only a patio to grow edible plants on,is there a book that I can get with details of vegetable plants, containers etc suitable for a S.E. aspect situation??
This helpful and useful blog gives great tips and information on growing your own tasty vegetables. From picking your seeds, preparing and sowing, feeding, watering to harvesting and storing. Check back regularly for constant updates and info.
I am going to plant vegetables in my garden where we have only ever planted potatoes before. Is there a bag of some sort of compost I should be putting down first.
A waxy potato, well my favourites would have to be Charlotte, largely grown as a salad variety, but gorgeous if eaten in just about any way ! Cat : I'd not bothe rincorporating bagged materials unless you have no other option - if possible start your own home composting system, that works brilliantly and does not cost a penny, you could also use compost taken from seasonal containers etc, then add some general fertiliser or some well rotted manure to increase the nutrient content.
OK, I hear a lot about composting but I'm single not home much but garden, what is the simplest or easiest way to do this - buy it at the recycling centre?
we have planted potatoes in car tyres this year and now I have been told they may be contaminated by the tyres can you help
i know what you mean, i had "only" 8 varieties of courgettes as i was trying to determine which one i loved the most....I'm not certain yet which has won :-p they take up a lot of space and they tasted quite similar except for the pattisson variety (ufo shaped one) next year i will try 3 kinds of corn cobs early mid and late is also my excuse ;-) haha oh and i loved my purple carrots, very purple cauliflower looked pretty gastly when cooked though

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