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more help in the garden, I have one friend that gives me one day in the garden for my Christmas presant and it is the best presant anyone could give me so if any of my family read this, that is what I'd love this year spread over next year. Happy Christmas every one. thick snow out side!!!
I do like getting seeds for Christmas, I tell my family to get me vegetable seeds, and then grow whatever I get. Because I get them at Christmas, it is nice to spend the days in the run up to new years planning my veg beds. Merry Christmas everyone, happy 2010!


I just need a truck load of plants. And a small tree. And some birds to visit my feeders! Santa??
Good gloves rings a bell with most gardeners. I was disappointed when the brand I had been using, which supplied a thorn proof green glove dropped it's quality possibly for accountancy reasons. Since then I have had a delivery from Protec of a winter builders glove which is straight from Santa's workshop. Thorn proof, warm, almost waterproof and only a couple of quid. However you do have to buy a pack of twelve. Just the thing for a group to buy down on the allotments.
Kate My father and I only ever give each other books for Christmas (apart from the deer-stalker, but that was just a big mistake). These are usually wildlife-related, and occasionally the odd gardening book gets given. A few years ago I received a copy of 'Permanent and temporary pastures with descriptions and illustrations of leading natural grasses and clovers', 5th edicion, published in 1895. OK not very garden-sounding, but it was written by Martin J. Sutton, grandson of the founder of Suttons Seeds. Apparently, as well as joining the family firm he made a name for himself as an agricultural scientist. The book is full of charming information about cows preferring meadow fescue over cock's-foot, and how timothy luxuriates in clay districts. The real beauty of the book, though, is in its 23 exquisite black and white engravings of grasses, each an artistic masterpiece.
Wow, that sounds amazing Richard. What a lovely gift. And I can empathise with wanting hedgehogs, help in the garden and a bramble-free 2010! Merry Christmas! Kate
You can never have too many Spear & Jackson hand forks. Cheap hand forks are horrendous and the tines bend. :)
I agree with dITTO though in my case its hand trowels. For a person with light soil I bent three last year on my astoundingly flinty soil. Two were supposed to be strong as had been expensive, so I specified spear and jackson to at least three people, and kept my fingers crossed. Got some pink welly warmers......
I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the fantastic work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.
I would like to buy my mother some vouchers as a present, but I dont like our local garden centre - it used to be quite good, but is now full of a really rank selection of chinese imported home decorations! Is there a general voucher you an buy that is usuable in all garden centres? i know you can get these for book vouchers. Please mail replay to gemowat at gemail dot com - thnks
Following a suggestion I thought I'll get some blackthorn,in time we'll have copious sloe gin.Rang the local garden centre "Oh about £2.00 for a couple".My wife came home with 12 for £2 RESULT



jon my local park has so many blackthorn bushes you could pick pounds of sloe berries and make dozens of bottles of sloe gin..

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