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04/12/2008 at 16:54
Manure. That's what I'd like, rather than a critique of your post.
04/12/2008 at 18:53
i once gave my dad a ball of string for christmas. I was four and convinced that's what he wanted. Not sure I got that quite right.
04/12/2008 at 19:08
last year I got a ball of twine on a spindle and a pair of scissors a stainless steel trowel and fork, christmas heaven!!!!!!
05/12/2008 at 14:06
When the days are cold and stormy, I just get out my garden planters and create - either great arrangements for the house or wonderful containers for those Christmas towels and soaps in the bathroom.
05/12/2008 at 21:16
Christmas pressies this year are wellies for daughter and son-in-law with thick socks so I can have mine back, Dad some pruning tools as he's mislaid his thats through his old age, I want some new buckets to keep all the foliage that I cut for my class of ladies that I teach in my workshops as I have so much that I run out of them and now have to use the dustbin.
06/12/2008 at 10:26
I have a giant poppy out for a month now and its in full bloom, is that normal. I live outside Torbay and we have had frosts.
08/12/2008 at 21:44
I would love an old fashioned wire hoe but cannot seem to get hold of one these days - if anyone has any ideas where I could buy one I would be very grateful.
09/12/2008 at 14:57
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... nice socks! Cashmere too. I wonder if we could be related.
18/12/2008 at 11:32
I rather doubt it, Ms Sock, I fear that the large hole on the underside of the left toe precludes such elevated kinship.
29/12/2008 at 19:02
I got 3 great gardening prezzies this christmas -1, brother label printer -2, welly warmers -3, burts bees farmers friend hand salve I'm getting quite a collection of burts bees and I must say its better than any thing else I've tried and I have tried loads.All theese prezzies were from my lovely other half.Happy gardening to all for 2009.
13/01/2009 at 01:28
i got leather gloves more staging for the greenhouse new spade and fork and with the money i had .Bought a new plastic composter from a well know store for only £15.00 saving £15.00 a new pair of sceters and a bag plus a sign to say i am in the garden.Asmall bin for the green house and a light to see what is going on when i come home from work as i go out at 6each morning and get home between 7-8 in the evening .
29/01/2010 at 11:12
I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.
01/02/2010 at 19:16
Thank you Valentinstag. Incidentally, my other blog can be found here:
28/11/2011 at 18:37
Hello James, as a very messy "potter-upper", a set of pot/seed tray tampers in various sizes were a real bonus last year. I always intended to make my own but never got round to it. The socks sound good though. Merry Christmas.
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