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We bought our fake Christmas tree about 15 years ago and no longer feel guilty about destroying a real tree just for 10 days or so every year! I feel it very hypocritical that on one hand we are doing our best to save the environment.......... except at Christmas time. Buy fake and burn a pine flavoured candle for effect and let the forests live! We're in Australia.... dont worry , our weather is as crazy as yours! Santa just wears thinner undies!
I bought a small potted tree this year instead of my usual huge as possible cut tree. People seem to be giving more thought to the 'green issues' around tree options, which is really good. Got mine at a very knocked down price just before Christmas and just after being laid up with flu and couldn't be bothered to fuss around. Plan to keep it in a large pot in the garden for the foreseeable future and have been giving it tlc - it's in a cool end of the room by the window, so here's hoping.

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