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Our christmas new potato's didn't survive even though they had been fleased for about six weeks because of the sub zero temps for days on end (end of november and december)but we'll try again next year and it toped up the compost bin and the handful we did get made lovely potato and onion soup which still gives great pleasure knowing you grew what you were eating.Happy New Year and Happy and succesful gardening 2009.
i took on my allotment last year and was pleased to say my plot has produced lots of veg the summer untill now (and im still eating the spouts and leeks ) its great to be get freash sprouts that don't tast bitter or out of date. im sure it has a good inpact on my fitness as well. looking forward to the new year and sowing my seeds again.
we managed to get new potatoes for Christmas dinner, planted in pots which I thin helped with the protection from frost. We also had beetroot. The first time we have managed to supply food for Christmas after having our allotment for 3 years!
Welldone Retlock4 although my potatoes were in pots and with a flease frameing around them I live in the north east which can go from one extream to the other this season was the other but never mined like I always say theres alwalys next year.Happy New Growing Year to All.
HI everyone, I am in need of some advice i have had an allotment since 2009 so quite new to it.I took on the role of running our site shop last year and we have around 250 plots on our field most of whitch were well grown over but we have cleared most of them. However we are looking at planting autumn potatoes/beans/onoins and garlic.Has any one out there planted these before and is it worth doin .Can anyone give us some advice on does and don't al comments most welcome regards Colin .


it was my first time to grow sprouts, and they were great, i also had trouble with the cabbage whites, i covered the plants in the end with netting, we have been eating the sprouts since mid-november, they taste great, and i will for sure grow them next year, i'll try leeks as well next year, happy new year folks.

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