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Thanks for the sound advice on the greenhouse. My next concern is that in the past I have re-used pots from year to year, removing the old compost, but this year I thought it would be best to clean the pots to ensure they are totally clean to use again. Any advice on what is best practise for cleaning and if there is anything that should be added to the water to aid the cleaning, or is it water and elbow grease ??? Would mild washing up liquid do any damage ? Regards
I clean my greenhouse every year using a hefty squirt of Fairy washing-up liquid in a bucket of lukewarm water. It does the job beautifully, inside and out, and although I generally rinse it off with clean water after the scrub, I don't really think it is necessary. The rain does the rest anyway. There has been no effect on the plants in a bed beside the greenhouse either.
I clean my greenhouse with the recommended amount of Jeyes Fluid to warm water. For the stubborn algae, I have added a squirt of Fairy Liquid. This seems to do the job quite satisfactorily. I then give both inside and out a good rinse with the hose pipe. The glass is sparkling and all set for the new season.
I use a little Ecover washing up liquid, but even then only when really necessary - elbow grease and an old fashioned scrubbing brush do the trick on most occasions !


i planted 8 hellebores last april/may purchased from a well knowen garden centre they were reduced after they had flowered but now when i was looking forward to them flowering for the ist time in my garden they have failed so far although they have been in leaf throughout the year & any black spotting has been removed
I have found that hellebores sulk a bit after being planted. Some of mine took a few years to flower, but were well worth waiting for.
LOL JJB! My Mum once sent me to the shop for a tin of elbow grease, I got halfway there before she sent one of my brothers after me ... they all found it extremely funny ;-)
I put some new glass in my greenhouse last year it really showed up the old glass that managed to stay in tact for the last 35 years I just hope the year has toned it down a bit to match the rest, but I promis I will clean it this year, as easily as possible. I have Hellebores self seeded in the pot with my hydranger I just hope I can tease the out with out killing them, I don't suppose they will be the same as the mother plant but will be nice if I have something new.
sorry I left the e off of promise and dear me Hydrangea also spelt wrongly, I know some body will be waiting to pounce.
Pippa - you CAN buy elbow grease (just not in the shop my Mum sent me to) - it's called a willing nephew who will do anything for home made spag bol and chocolate cake!
Great to see all the advice and alternatives methods of getting elbow grease. This coming week is going to be the week and the pots and greenhouse are going to be ready for the coming spring, which I reckon was definitely in the air yesterday.
haven't got time for any form of elbow grease, but the self seeded hellebores from last year which I potted up to see what colout they would be are all in flower - some a deep pink, some the purest white, and a few indeterminate. The two posh ones from the garden centre are struggling though. moral: trust some of the things that show they really want to be in your garden!
Fascinating, but really very logical that the more standard varieties of plants, and especially those self-seeded or fly-ins as I call them, so often thrive whilst the fancy and pricey ones struggle, it is almost always the case! Elbow-grease - nephews not really an option as my nephew lives too far away, but 5ft son is great, brilliant and often fuelled by chocolate cake too !


has anybody heard of using strong nescafe (made into a strong drink and then cooled) as a weedkiller?? Someone told me it works but (a) I hadn't heard of this and (b) haven't tried it yet. Anybody got any comments or experience of this weed killer?
The border soil in my greenhouse is covered in moss and a curious flat algae-type plant. I've changed the soil, and keep taking the top layer off as it 'greens' over, but to no avail.. Ideas please? The door is always ajar, and often wide open in an attempt to allow air to circulate, and the windows in the roof are far from airtight even if they are closed. Crops - tomatoes peppers,, cucs, tend to get mouldy - I often wonder why I keep trying - the triumph of hope over experience, perhaps!!
Never tried instant coffee for anything other than drinking (oh, and coffee flavoured icing for a a walnut cake!!) but many people use old coffee grounds as a slug deterrent !
How good do I feel today? brilliant because the sun was shineing I was on a day off and I've emptied and cleaned my greenhouse out. I used a little squirt of fairy a tbls of bleach and were the glass over laps and algee grows a quick squit of bathroom cleaner then the elbow grease and a blast off with the hose jet its gleeming inside and out.My GH floor is slabs so theres no soil showing so I brush hard and hose jet off.I'm already now to get planting.On the subject of hellibores I got one from a garden show last year for a £1 it had just a few leaves but I thought at a £1 I will give it a go, I noticed it today and its flowered its dark pinky red what a bargain.
on the subject of the green house I've already found more broken glass, alway's some thing going on, replacement glass seems to be an on going problem.