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I love all the clover in our lawn, especially when speckled with white flowers.  It means that our lawn is lush and green and cool to walk on in hot weather when others are brown and crispy.  I have even bought Crimson Clover as a green manure for the veg patch.


I have a clover lawn, kept so that the bees are happy. Could esily treat it so that it goes but won't have it done.

Don't cut grass too short either.


I do not mind Clover lawns - in the park. Too much looks like you have the gardening skills of a drunkard. To get rid of it you need to rake the clover in all directions to lift the stalk before mowing it close. Herbicides kill the foliage but not the roots, so it comes back, though very weakened. You must remove the flowers (yes Bees like it but it is your lawn not a wildlife preserve) as they contain 100's of black seeds that germinate easily.

Wild about Flowers
I love clover too - and I love bees! They are meant for each other! Having
watched the bees today in the clover on my lawn I think that
maybe they like it better than my wildflower garden!!

I have clover in mine, love seeing the bees feeding from it, also my rabbit loves eating it when in his run on the grass.  I also encourage dandelions as my rabbit loves the leaves, keeps them all happy.


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