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I prefer to encourage clover in my lawn, the bees love it. So if any of you out there in BBC land want to do an article on how best to do this I'd be more than grateful. I'm trying to get maximum clover cover, purple if possible. Sounds crazy I know, but I have four lilacs, so the lawn is never going to be pristine.
Please encourage people to grow clover for the bees. It is an outrage that a website like this is telling people to put weedkiller on plants like these. Clover is essential for the garden. It is useful food for pollinators and a nitrogen fixing plant. The leaves, stems, flowers, roots and seeds can all be eaten raw.
Mmm. More bad advice. The info here should be rewritten to take into account that clover is incredibly important for bees. Some kind of disclaimer at least.

I've bought clover as wildflowers from garden centers and inserted them into my lawn. The bees go crazy for the lovely purple or white flowers.
I noticed a small patch of clover in my lawn last year but did little about it except apply lawn fertilizer with weedkiller in it. The patch is still there this year but now is beginning to spread. Should I use verdone weedkiller on it as the instructions say that it will not affect the surrounding turf? I have tried to pull some roots out by hand but this is causing brown patghes to appear.
Alina W

Any lawn weedkiller will not affect the surrounding turf, but you need to read the bottle carefully to make sure that it will treat your particular weed. You will need to treat it more than once for some weeds.


Thank you. I am no longer 25035431917PeeT. I have never had to do this before and I just need confidence in using the product. Thanks once again. 

I am looking for a medium sized evergreen flowering shrub to replace my Choisya which I have had to remove. The site is facing east so does have a problem with early morning frost particularly in the springtime.

Musical Cricketer wrote (see)

I am looking for a medium sized evergreen flowering shrub to replace my Choisya which I have had to remove. The site is facing east so does have a problem with early morning frost particularly in the springtime.

You will be better off starting a new thread- your question will get lost on this one about clover.

I have recently used Verdone Extra on my patch of clover in the front lawn. How long does it take to work? Does anybody know? The instructions say use only once a year but I don't feel that I have used enough spray. The clover is still there after 4 days. Would I be able to use the spray again soon and use more?

I'm actually planting some in my lawn. I'm also cultivating an area for wild flowers etc. I might even turn the lawn over to meadow. Why on earth kill a plant that bees love and is attractive? What has grass got that it hasn't?

I've visited Jodrell Bank and they had a patch of clover alive with an incredible number of bees. It was stunning, and I would love to replicate that.

I have a tiny wildflower patch and whatever grows there, stays. It's amazing the bees, butterflies, ladybirds and so many other small critters that visit.

Agreed with many of the comments, leave it, bees love it. In fact, I have bought some seed recently as I dont have any in my lawn, also ordered some daisies.
michael 58

Oh this is music to my ears   The bees etc really do love it. Love watching them dance around on a carpet of clover. Try walking around on it on a summers day and get that sweet waft as it hits your nostrils. Nope, im keeping my clover. If its good enough for the bees then its good enough for me 

Janet  Rodway
I leave Dandelions in my lawn when they finished flower we run the mower over not to low and then this will let the white clover flower, these to flowers I call them are very important to the Honeybees, Bumblebees & Butterflies. So don't call them weeds they are to important for that.


Isn't life full of perspectives? This piece on seeing clover as a problem is seen from one point of view, but quite coincidently I sent for some clover seeds only yesterday.( to be sown in pots admittedly!) They remind me so much of my childhood, sitting in fields and gardens,making daisy chains, watching bees buzzing round clover-bobs, and my friends and I nibbling at the base of the petals which tasted of honey. Very evocative. So very much a case of one mans meat.....!!

I have clover LEAVES only, and it is spreading throughout the lawn.  I have watched it carefully and it does not flower (probably because I keep my lawn mown to about 1.5 inches high).  It's only a small garden - and the lawn forms most of its centre.  I LOVE bees, and would definitely love a separate clover "patch" for them, if I had the space. Sooo....the clover I have is tiny, shamrock shaped leaves - and I would like to remove this.  I have 3 cats, so have to be very careful what I use, so as not to harm my cats, who love lying on the lawn.  Any comments on how to remove this type of clover please?

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