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Dear Jane, I'm a youth worker in Pontefract, and we took on an allotment for the young people back in may. in july i managed to build a two compartment compost heap using pallets (with a lid), and we've managed to put in grass clippings, old paper bags, weeds and some more woody clippings. but it still hasn't rotted down! what are we doing wrong?
I have recently bought a shreder is it ok to use the shreded waste in the compost bin
yes it is ok to put shreded waste in the compost bin i dont put weeds in my compost bin i put grass cutings shreded news paper dead plants spud pelings carrot pelings any veg waste and branches that are shreded and cover it with and old rug to keep the heat in mine has rotted down ok if it is dry had abit of water but dont make it to wet you will see the worms cuming and it will feel warm you will no then it is working it will take atime to rot down i get sume good compost from mine
Composting, It's addictive. Last year I decided to start growing a few vedge to remind me and the family how food 'SHOULD' taste, a few potatoes, runner beans, salad plants etc, I also sent off for my free composter from my local council and duly filled it. Alas I didnt layer or aireate so it didnt do too well, I think it was also a bit too dry, however I have now bought a larger bin and accelerant and divided all the old stuff between the bins therefore giving it all a good turning. I've since added loads of shreddings, woody and paper, especially all my personnel stuff, theres no better place for it, all the dead bean plants, kitchen waste etc and damped it down well with the accelerant and it is going well. I simply can't let a day pass without popping down the end of the garden and having a look inside the bins....I even lay in bed thinking about what to add next, Its taking me over, I think I need HELP!!
i wrok in a grden centere called wyvlae and i love working with all the plants outsid i wonder if thee is any books you can recermend to me about sersernall plants as i work in the sezernall plant aere in the garden centere and i have to confes i dont relllly know any thing about plants can any one out there plese help me yours julian


Hi julian, I sugest you start reading lots of gardening books and magazines. Also maybe copy down the names of the plants at work and look them up on the internet. It is a huge subject but lots of information available to you. Do they not give you any training?
Hello - I am a new member and need some help on composting -- I have obtained a good source of used coffee grounds which I understand can be good for the garden if used straight away BUT are there any vegatables I should not be putting this on AND can I add it to normal kitchen waste compost.

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