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Be careful with copper as it is known to kill plants and trees if it comes in contact with the plant or root. Trees can be killed with a copper nail inserted.I once nearly lost a lovely fushia plant as work men had pushed a bit of unwanted copper pipe into the pot it was in.I couldn't hink why it was dying until I discovered it and removed it.
I've got four hostas in pots one of which is guarded by copper tape while the other 3 aren't - yet the only one to suffer any slug damage is the taped one; make sense of that.....
I lost one special seedling to a snail that managed to climb four feet up onto a wire shelf, but lately I notice there are very few snails and slugs around - and I don't think our hedgehog has come to the rescue. Is it something to do with the extremes of weather recently, very hot then very wet? I live in mid Hampshire and usually I have a constant battle aginst these crawlies.
I haven't had much luck with the eggshells. Maybe we don't eat enough for it to be effective
Why do people continue to suggest egg shells to stop a snail in its tracks ? Do you know that snails can climb over the edge of razer blades ? In my opinion the only way I can stop them is to us them as ammunition in my grandsons catapult. Good ridance too.


Copper against slugs. Well I've used trape for some time, often purchased at clearance price in the autumn, it helps, but make sure the pot is very clean or it won't stick.Copper wire from various cables left over from DIY can be used too when stripped of its plastic casing. Also having found some old copper piping on the garage roof I have utilised that round my raised bed veggie patch. Not foolproof but it helps.My hostas are the best ever this year. A few slugg pellets as they enmerged, copper wire and the garlic wash and barely a nibble in sight,The control pot metre away is so holey that I have cut all the leaves back, fed it and hope for a fresh flush.
I live in an area of my town called Cauldwell (Cold Well) so I have plenty of frogs to eat slugs etc. But how do I encourage/find hedgehogs as they seem to have disappeared, not even any road kill??? Big Dave NE Coast/Tyneside.
I tried copper tape for the first time this year and found IT WORKED against slugs on my hostas. I had to snip the tape to fit round larger pots and cut my finger on the sharp edges, so be warned please. I will be using it again next year as my hostas have been very good and I have had flowers on them for the first time, they don't usually get that far.
i am sick and tired of slug and snails eating not just my hosta but any kind of soft plant. Most of my pretty plants are on the patio on 12inch crates, not very nice to look at. I think i'll try the WD40 spray, and then the nemetodes. I heard that you can only use it in the spring.
I live in south wales and I think we have "valley slugs" as they seem to be tougher than others. They regard beer traps as drinks to go with their lunch and i have seen them on my bedroom window 15 foot from the floor (and no there was no plant to climb up!) They have eaten every "slug resistant" plant i have had and everything else too (my dad reckons a hungry slug is not fussy). The garlic wash seems to work a bit, and this year i have made economy copper rings by wrapping tape round cut up squash bottles. These were working well till other plants grew up taller and the slugs catapulted themselves inside the rings and ate the plants! On pots i use "emulsifying ointment" - like vasoline but a heck of a lot cheaper (from the chemist).I slice them in half with my hand hoe and i pick them off plants every night with some slug "squishers" my resourceful hubbie made me. The war continues and no i wont pellet as i am an organic gardener. I hope in the end to wear them down with sheer persistence.
We had a a lot of slugs one year. We discovered that they hate salt sprinkled around them, hate coffee grounds big time if you sprinkle that around your plants and we also used hairspray.
I agree with the salt method, but one year i got really happy with the salt and ended up spilling some on my runner beans! yep they shrivelled up within a few days-the beans and the slugs- then more just seem to come back the next day with their big brothers!
Our house is built directly on the shingle of the beach and we get strong salty winds (especially lately). We moved hear from living in the country. We have far more snails than I ever saw in the country. They thrive in the salt and live under the shingle on the beach in the winter. This year, for the first time, I have been finding huge slugs which are coloured red underneath. I was always told that salt is the best method of getting rid of both slugs and snails. Obviously, this doesn't work anymore! I've been collecting them in a bucket and depositing them further down the beach nearer the sea. Someone has now told me that they always find their way back, do you know if this is true? I'm really getting tired of buying and planting beautiful plants and having them eaten by slugs and snails. Its so disheartening, especially as I have to battle with the strong, salty winds as well.
I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often. Margaret


Thanks Margaret. Lovely having you on board, and delighted you're enjoying the blogs.
I must be really luck with my hostas. Even though "our" slugs go for my vegetables big time, for some reason the hostas are always fine. My hostas are always a mass of flowers this time of year and just going over now, but I just leave them to their own devices and they are always about 3 foot high with masses of flowers. What am I doing right? They are planted in clayey fairly poor soil which is nearly always damp.
Young oleanders and fruit trees in Mallorca are getting so covered in white snails that some have died. It's very hot and dry so I assume they are going for the sap. Will try vaseline. Any other ideas?
I have tried the copper tape and found it seems once one determined blighter leaves a slime trail over it the others can follow, shock free. I have both slugs and snails in my yard, and until the snails arrived I had no problem with plants being eaten. The slugs are yellow slugs and apparently leave your plants alone, in my yard,I think they eat the algae that forms on the concrete yard floor as a result of overflowing plant food filled water. I have also resorted to plastic bottles to protect my salad leaves. Interestingly I have found that recently planted petunias have been decimated, except for those in pots which have a slate chip topping and Im wondering if Cigogne has a point "A combination of slate chippings and copper tape seem to be working well" there is no difference in those pots with or without copper tape but a vast difference between those topped with slate and those topped with pebbles or cobbles.
i'm trying out coffee dregs and tea leaves! also beer in a tray and i go out at night to get the little s$*s!