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i've found the only way to control slugs and snails is to use a combination of techniques over a period of time. i always try to go on patrol just after dark armed with a slug slicer (pair of pruners!). heres a good article with some other ideas to help the fight...
I have a tip to share with gardeners. I know it works. My garden is in the NGS yellow book and it is a wildlife friendly. We do not use pesticides and other nasties. I spray black and green fly with fairy liquid soap. I use banana skins and coffee grounds scattered beween my plants.(not instant). Coffee grounds even on foliage i.e. petunias. This year even my hostas are clear. Do try it. Snails and slugs have packed their bags and left town. I did not find success with lemon peel as advised. Love to hear from others.
I have tried copper rings/tape and endless eco-friendly gadgets but none seem to work. I can't use pellets etc because my cats would eat it! THE ONLY THING THAT WORKS IS MY MIDNIGHT PATROL! I collect the critters in a large tupperware container then release in the morning in the verges of my work car park! GENIUS
I have resorted to the plastic tub rehoming method. I am pleased to report this is working VERY well. It may take a little more time but avoids poisoning anything (my cats, but also the snails and slugs themselves, I dont want my plants eating but I am loathe to kill, and even more so to kill by poison)this has been the most sucessful method so far. I will have to carry out periodical removals as there is still the occasional little 'un, and the slugs will continue to arrive from neighbouring yards, and this method will probably be little use to those with a real garden, but has worked in my little containered yard.Although rather scarily I must point out I have removed around 500 snails and slugs (so far!)in a period of 1 month, from my yard which has a floor area of less than 20 square meters (and thats squared meters not a 20m sided square!)
I cut my fingers badly when applying copper tape just didn't realise how lethal it can be. Plaese wear gloves. It does seem to be working as a slug repellant.


hi where is the best priced copper strips for slugs anybody bought any in volume as our allotments are under attack

Copper tape is never going to be cheap, copper is an expensive metal to get out of the ground, so will not come cheap even as tape.  You might try finding a friendly plumber who will let you have copper pipe offcuts reasonably, or even free if you are very nice, but in the end copper has to be paid for.

I did try googling for it, and got some from a company selling the adhesive stuff 4 for 3, but that amount will not be enough for your allotment I imagine.  If you do find a less expensive seller, do share the info - please?

hi 4711 I work for a manufacture of pest control products and i would be able to supply you bulk copper tape, also it is the serated type which tends to be more affective.

Quickse is right..the best slug control is the midnight patrol. Copper works well but it doesn't kill slugs and they will remain. I have found copper has to be joined up to be effective, I.e. a copper pipe needs to be touching at each end.

hi, just joined GW,finding it really helpful. just a quick question,does the coffee or copper have any effect on the plants?.I have a lovely grape vine that has a lot of grapes every year but can never get to them before the snails!.x


I have put copper round my pots and it is working well. But will it still work when the copper tarnishes? I don't want to replace copper unless I have to, it is pretty expensive.

Yes it will. But you have to watch out for the sticky backing coming away, or the tape becoming cracked, and letting the little blighters wander in.

Also watch that overhanging plants don't provide an abseil point.

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